Be in Demand with an MS in Supply Chain Management

Long gone are the days when supply chain management (SCM) consisted simply of warehouse inventories, bills of lading and juggling double shifts on the assembly line. In today’s global economy, goods are manufactured and then travel all over the world, crossing oceans, time zones and languages.

Logistics experts and data miners do the heavy SCM lifting these days, and supply chain managers, in particular, are considered highly skilled professionals. And with earning potential on a steep upward trajectory, it’s easy to see how earning an MS in Supply Chain Management can afford you new and exciting opportunities.

At TCU’s Neeley School of Business, we’re helping to meet the need for SCM professionals. Our nationally ranked faculty includes leading scholars in the field. Recent research conducted by professors Daniel Chen, David Preston and Morgan Swink revealed that without good SCM, companies can find themselves plagued by costly inefficiencies and unable to realize their potential for growth.

Jack Flowers is a recent TCU MS-SCM graduate whose journey led him to a job as a senior fleet data analyst for Oncor Electric Delivery. Jack completed his MS while working a full-time job and discovered that his schedule had unexpected educational benefits as well.

“The two years while I was working and going to school were the most important so far in my professional career,” he says. “I was able to bring what I worked on during the day to class at night and learn from it. Likewise, classroom experience informed daytime performance.”

Asked to single out what made TCU’s curriculum so effective, Jack explains that, for him, “the global experience trip was the single most impactful week of the program. We flew halfway around the world to visit Vietnam and Hong Kong. This was no vacation. We were there to learn and work. In the morning, the group would visit two local businesses. There we would tour the facility and then would be able to pick the brains of the managers about opportunities and pain points. The afternoon followed the same format with two more businesses.”

Jack credits TCU, his teachers and his classmates with helping him align his personal interests with his professional goals and says the Neeley MBA program helped him land his new job. He says his MS in SCM allowed him to gain the requisite skills to excel in the industry and gave him confidence in his abilities, which translated into strong job interview performance, and Neeley's positive reputation helped to open doors. “TCU revolutionized how I use the tools of my trade,” he says.

Visit the Neeley School of Business website to see if pursuing an MS in Supply Chain Management is right for you.

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