Meet TCU Neeley's Full-time MBA Class of 2019

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Impossible Race Challenge at START Orientation
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Impossible Race Challenge at START Orientation
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Full-time MBA Alumni Reception at Grace
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IBM Case Competition during START Orientation

One of the greatest aspects of the TCU Neeley MBA experience is the opportunity to learn from and alongside a group of talented and highly motivated peers. Whatever your prior experience, you’ll find yourself among other smart, ambitious individuals who will help you consider business issues from different perspectives, challenge your way of thinking and broaden your point of view. This year’s incoming Full-time MBA class is no exception. They are an especially well-rounded group from diverse academic and professional backgrounds. What they have in common is intellect, drive and a desire to accelerate their careers.

Snapshot of the Class of 2019:

  • These MBA candidates are beginning their studies with an average of 5 years of previous work experience. Their past experiences range from financial services, engineering design, high tech consulting, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurial ventures and many more.
  • 26% of these incoming students are international students representing 11 countries.
  • Of the incoming domestic students, 60% hold degrees from universities outside of Texas.
  • 30% of these new students have earned a business degree, 34% have degrees in STEM and the remaining 34% have previously studied some other discipline.

What Do the New Students Say About Their Classmates?
“My first observation about my class is ‘talented.’ Everyone in the class has a unique background and offers something different,” said incoming Full-time MBA student Michael Schoenfelder. “I love finding out about the many hidden talents my classmates have.” Michael came to TCU from a National Sales Manager position at Enova Illumination in Minneapolis. “I had a very good career before deciding to pursue my MBA, but I knew I was ready to make a leap as a business leader,” he said.

Fellow new Full-time MBA student Allison Clark agrees. “I have been extremely impressed by my classmates so far,” said this former officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. “They are a diverse group motivated to learn.” And Allison isn't speaking in the abstract. As she notes, the “one-of-a-kind” culture at Neeley is very much focused on the individual traits, skills and needs of its students. “The students and staff at Neeley are warm and inviting and always seeking to answer questions.”

Allison also decided to return to school in order to accelerate her career — and to fundamentally alter its direction. “I am looking to switch careers. An MBA will help me understand the business world, give me opportunities to explore career fields within various industries and provide me with the education to be confident in making a career change.” 

So why TCU?
Michael puts it quite succinctly: “At TCU Neeley, you matter.” Asked to elaborate, Michael says that the “staff, faculty, alumni, second-year students and your classmates all want to see you succeed, and will take the time to help you get where you want to be.” To further prove his point, Michael relates that he “knew the names of every one of my classmates before the first day of class. There aren't many other top programs which can give you the opportunity to build such a strong class identity.” For Allison, the opportunities to learn from the experiences of her classmates is a major differentiator in TCU's favor. “My classmates make an effort to create a fun and dynamic learning environment. That also means they're competitive in ways I'm confident will inspire me to perform up to my potential.”

Off to a Great Start
This bright, accomplished, resourceful and energetic group of new students has already shown great initiative in taking the first steps on their new professional journey. The Full-time MBA experience began on August 1 with a three-week START workshop. For many incoming students, it may have been several years since they last sat in a classroom. START helped to bridge the work-school gap via orientation sessions, refresher courses in accounting, training in Excel (and other business tools), team-building activities, networking with alumni and exposure to the unique, collaborative and supportive Neeley culture. The capstone to the START experience was a case competition, sponsored this year by IBM. This competition represents just the first of many opportunities these students will have to make presentations to leading industry executives and to show off their problem-solving skills.

Learn more about how TCU invests in the success of MBA students from day one by visiting the Neeley School of Business website.

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