Roberto Prudencio – TCU MBA and Future HILTI Executive

Prudencio Robert Hilti
Roberto Prudencio, MBA '17
Prudencio Roberto
Roberto Prudencio, MBA '17

A new world of opportunity opened for Roberto Prudencio (MBA, ’17) after he completed his studies at TCU’s Neeley School of Business. That's when construction technology giant Hilti selected him to become one of a handful of high potential new hires for the company’s elite Outperformer Global Management Development Program. Roberto is one of 18 employees across Hilti’s worldwide operations to be invited into this program.

Hilti works closely with the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland to design this immersive leadership development program that helps candidates with executive potential prepare to become the company’s future leaders. The great challenge the organization gave itself was to provide an outstanding and impactful learning experience for the program’s participants even as they continued working for Hilti at sites around the globe.

To accomplish this, IMD took parts of its web-based curriculum and added an on-campus learning component to create a unique, two-year training program tailored to Hilti's needs. After acquiring a strong foundation in business theory online, participants transition to on-campus work at IMD, consolidating their knowledge and applying it to scenarios in the workplace.

During his rotation, Roberto and his 17 fellow Outperformers will consult on three different projects. Following nine months of preparatory work online, in June 2018, the Outperformers will travel to the IMD campus in Lausanne for 10 days of intensive instruction in strategy, emerging markets, leadership, digital transformation and organizational change. For Roberto, this trip abroad also means "gaining exposure to senior management, joining meetings with both board members and top executives. I'm not just getting to take part in a leadership program — I'm being asked to contribute to a life-changing social project."

That's because the next major component in Roberto's program comes in September 2018. The Outperformers will devote 10 days to a humanitarian aid mission. Beyond helping build a better future for those suffering from great hardship, the purpose of this phase of the program is to show the Outperformers how catastrophes (natural and otherwise) can impact a region's economy. Roberto and his cohort will help construct houses in the Bosnian town of Srebrenica, still struggling to recover from wartime damage suffered over 20 years ago.

Finally, come November 2018, the Outperformers will attend a five-day Global Summit at Hilti's world headquarters in Liechtenstein. There, they will interact with the company's C-level executives, exploring topics that include situational leadership, international teamwork, networking and corporate culture.

Thinking about his educational journey over the past few years, Roberto, a native of Bolivia, explains that he chose to pursue an MBA to develop his leadership skills and gain access to greater business opportunities. He found the MBA program at TCU Neeley to be the ideal fit for him thanks, in his words, to "its world-renowned faculty and family-like, collegial atmosphere." A small but supportive group of alumni, great assistance from the Graduate Career Center (GCC) — consistently ranked in the world’s top 25 by The Economist — and interaction with industry thought leaders were all factors that persuaded him to study logistics, materials and supply chain management at TCU.

Roberto was able to secure an immediate ROI on his degree. In becoming employed as an Outperformer with Hilti in Colombia, he experienced a 400 percent increase in his salary. Thinking about this opportunity and his future with Hilti, Roberto believes his possibilities for advancement are truly limitless.

Roberto also feels that his bright future would not have been possible without the foundation provided by Neeley’s emphasis on experiential learning, including the support it provides to students in its highly ranked (14th in the nation) supply chain management program. The classes taught by outstanding faculty, the roundtable discussions, the networking opportunities, the boot camps devoted to marketing and supply logistics — all proved integral to Roberto's MBA experience. In his opinion, earning his degree "sharpened my ability to think strategically and perform effectively in today’s international business community."

Asked what advice he has for those thinking of pursuing an MBA at TCU, Roberto says that they should be "open to change, willing to work diligently to develop their leadership skills, and learn to work effectively as team members, drawing strength from their peers while giving them support in return."

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