Neeley School of Business Mandatory Change of Major Workshop

The Neeley Change of Major Workshop is designed for students interested in changing their major to Business. You MUST attend one of the workshops to be considered. To be eligible to change your major to Business you must meet ALL of the following requirements:

1) Must have a 3.25 Overall GPA

2) Minimum 2.5 GPA on any lower division business core courses completed to date (ECON 10223, ECON 10233, MATH 10283, ENGL 10803, ENGL 20803, INSC 20153)

3) Attend Neeley Change of Major Workshop – REGISTER BELOW


Last Name:
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Please select which workshop you will attending:

Workshops will be held in Smith Hall Rm 104B and will be approximately 45 minutes. Please bring the following to the workshop:

1) Pencil

2) Bring your laptop. This is important as you WILL NOT be allowed to attend the workshop without it.