Undergraduate Study Abroad | Program Fee Scholarship Application

The Scott and Alison Ward Endowment for International Business Programs provides the Neeley School the opportunity to make available a limited number of program fee scholarships to support undergraduate student participation in its study abroad programs.

Scholarship amount: Awards may vary according to need. All scholarship funds will apply only toward the study abroad program fee. Scholarship funds will not apply to tuition.

Selection: Recipients will be based on the following:

  • financial need
  • career statement
  • academic goals (what you hope to gain from an international study abroad program)


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Study Abroad Program:
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Country of Citizenship:


Financial Need:
Please provide a brief statement (approximately 200 words) of your financial situation – parents' place of employment and titles, scholarships you are receiving, and any other pertinent information.

Career and Academic Goals:
Please provide a brief statement (approximately 200 words) of how this study abroad experience fits with your academic and/or career goals.

This form must be completed no later than November 30, 2018.