Students Hear About Corporate Crime from Both Sides

Cuban 1For Gregg Lehman’s class, Special Problems in Management: Examination of Corporate Crime, he brings in prosecutors, attorneys, probation officers, a former warden, and finally Mark Cuban, to talk about their experience with white-collar crime.

“The speakers complemented the course material in different ways,” TCU MBA student Brent Cody said. “The really cool thing about Cuban’s visit was that Professor Lehman gave us the original SEC complaint filed against Cuban, his response to the original complaint, and the final judgment from the court which declared him innocent.”

As for Cuban’s in-person visit, Cody added: “Cuban was colorful, to say the least, and was very open about the whole case.”

Classmate Braden White agreed. “Cuban was as blunt and uncensored as he comes across in the media, probably because he was personally affected by white collar crime as opposed to it being a part of his job.”

“I enjoyed listening to Mark Cuban because of his down-to-earth personality,” TCU MBA student Janine Swoboda said. “I felt very privileged to have the opportunity to learn from his personal insights and understand how it shaped his decision making.  It was a very enlightening experience and a wonderful finish to a great class.”

Lehman said the purpose of the course is to increase students’ understanding of criminal and corrupt activities so they can detect and distinguish between practices that are proper and those that might be improper, and witness the consequences of crime. On the opposite end of the spectrum, they explore the effects of an over-aggressive prosecution of individuals where no criminal or corrupt activities are proven, as was the case with Mark Cuban.

In addition to Cuban, students heard from Brad Wheeler, Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office Investigator in the Economic Crimes Unit and former special agent for the FBI; Walt Junker, Assistant U.S. Attorney; U.S. Probation Officer Vicki McMillan, Defense Attorney Mark Daniel and former Federal Bureau of Prisons Warden Steve Morris.  

“It was extremely interesting to learn about prison life from someone who has first-hand knowledge and experience as a former warden,” said TCU MBA student Alissa Moran. ”He was very knowledgeable about what life is like on the inside and how the prison system works, from the day-to-day life to the culture on the inside. I think him telling us that they have to wear used underwear was enough of a deterrent for most of us.”

Classmate Adam Pendleton said he was impressed by the overall level of experience and expertise of all the speakers. “We got to have interactive Q&A’s with each one of the speakers. That’s a testament not only to Professor Lehman, but also TCU.”

  Cuban 2