February 06, 2008


Brad Hancock, Assistant Director of the Neeley Entrepreneurship Center, has been honored with the Acton Foundation's national Entrepreneurship Master Teacher Award.  Hancock was nominated by one of his students for the award.

"Great teachers change lives by inspiring students to recognize their gifts and to learn how to use them to pursue a worthy dream.  Brad Hancock is one such great teacher," said Acton Foundation President Rick O'Donnell. "We want to recognize outstanding teachers who inspire students to become principled entrepreneurs, ones who build great and lasting companies and non-profits that create jobs, increase wealth and improve our society."

Hancock was one of three teachers from across the country to win this year's Entrepreneurship Master Teacher Award.  Each winner receives $5,000 and a trophy, and is invited to attend a two-day seminar in Austin on entrepreneurship teaching.

In addition, winners are invited to bring with them to Austin one of their top entrepreneurship students.  Hancock is bringing Austin Adams MBA '09. Adams will receive $1,000 toward his education costs and participate in case discussions.

All winners were initially nominated by students and then judged by a panel of master entrepreneurship teachers at Acton.  

The Acton Foundation for Entrepreneurial Excellence is a nonprofit organization established in 1997 to serve both teachers and aspiring entrepreneurs.  The Foundation trains and inspires master teachers, equipping them with the courses and learning tools they need to help aspiring entrepreneurs.  The Foundation's Advising and Mentoring Guides offer teachers ways to be more intentional and effective in assisting those looking for career advice and searching for their calling. Its Stars & Steppingstones and Job Search Guides offer aspiring entrepreneurs a path to discover their calling and to live a life of meaning.


Elaine Cole
Public Relations Manager
Neeley School of Business at TCU