March 04, 2011

BusinessWeek Ranks Neeley School of Business at TCU 29th in the Nation

 In the annual review of undergraduate business schools in the U.S., the Neeley School of Business at TCU ranked 29th in the U.S. In the survey of students, the Neeley School ranked 6th overall and 19th in Academic Quality. Students also gave Neeley A+ in Teaching Quality, and A+ in Facilities and Services. This is the highest rank that the Neeley School has achieved in the annual survey.

"We are pleased that we ranked so highly and especially proud that we received the highest mark possible for facilities and the quality of our faculty, things that truly matter to students," said Associate Dean of Undergraduate Program Bill Moncrief. "National recognition such as this brings positive attention to TCU and increases our national presence."

The Neeley School has consistently risen in the BusinessWeek rankings over the past five years.

For the 2011 rankings, Bloomberg Businessweek asked more than 86,000 graduating seniors at 136 schools to complete a 50-question survey. The results were combined with the results of the 2009 and 2010 student surveys. The 2011 survey supplies 50 percent of the score. Bloomberg Businessweek also polled 775 corporate recruiters for companies that hire thousands of business majors each year. The results were then combined with the results of two previous recruiter surveys. The 2011 survey supplies 50 percent of the score. Each school was asked the median starting salary for their most recent graduating class. In addition, Bloomberg Businessweek  drew on their 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2010 MBA surveys to create a "feeder school" measure. They also created an academic quality gauge of five equally weighted measures. From the schools themselves, Bloomberg Businessweek obtained average SAT scores, the ratio of full-time students to faculty, and average class size. The 2011 student survey supplied the percentage of business majors with internships and the hours students spend every week on schoolwork.

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Elaine Cole
Public Relations Manager
Neeley School of Business at TCU