October 08, 2008

New Program Lets MBA Students Get Up-Close and Personal with C-Level Business Leaders

Neeley's MBA program introduced C-level Confidential this year, a one-of-a-kind opportunity for a limited group of second-year MBAs-never to exceed 12-to participate in a forum with some of the top business minds in the nation.

C-Level Confidential is the brainchild of P.D. Shabay, Neeley School alumni and member of the International Board of Directors who retired from his executive position at Bell Helicopter last year.

There will be four executive guests each academic year, who will attend a dinner and discussion moderated by Shabay and Ed Riefenstahl, Director of Experiential Learning.

The first C-level Confidential guest was John Butler, Executive Vice President for Administration and Chief Human Resources Officer for Textron. Ralph Heath, CEO of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, was the featured guest on October 6, and Matt Rose, CEO of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp., will be featured on January 29.

The executive will not give a traditional presentation about their business. "We want our MBAs to be prepared to challenge how and why these leaders make their strategic, tactical and ethical decisions in the management of their enterprise," said Shabay. 

"It's an invaluable opportunity for our MBA students to be practically one-on-one with people who make the big decisions in business," said Riefenstahl. "They gain unique insights and perspectives on strategic issues these executives have faced and the decision-making process they used at this sophisticated level of business."

Read more about  Experiential Learning at the Neeley School. Or call Ed Riefenstahl at 817-257-5668.