April 02, 2007

Entrepreneurship Center Announces First Family Business Seminar

The Neeley School of Business at TCU is hosting the first-annual Family Business Seminar, April 13, 2007. The seminar is led by one of the nation's top family business experts, Dr. Sam Lane.

The Family Business Seminar will be held Friday, April 13, 2007, from 1:30 to 4:30 pm, on the TCU Campus, Tucker Technology Building, Roach Conference Center. Cost is $125 for two attendees and $50 for each additional family participant. For more information or to register, contact Brad Hancock, assistant director of the Neeley Entrepreneurship Center, at 817-257-5946, or brad.hancock@tcu.edu .

The seminar will be led by Dr. Sam Lane, Ph.D, of the Aspen Family Business Group. Dr. Lane has more than 23 years of experience helping family businesses achieve their long-term goals and ensure their continued viability. As a corporate psychologist specializing as a consultant to family business, he successfully creates and implements individualized approaches to the unique challenges faced by family business enterprises across the United States.

"Family-owned businesses face a unique set of challenges that must be addressed to ensure a solid foundation for the business and the family," said Hancock. "Dr. Lane will instruct attendees on how to work through their conflicts and challenges to maximize business goals and optimize family relationships."

Topics include: succession planning, developing family boards, conflict resolution, strategic planning and team building.

About The Instructor
A widely-known speaker, Sam Lane, Ph.D, has addressed audiences at Tulane University, Bradley University, Southern Illinois University, Texas A&M University, The Baylor University Family Business Forum, The National Conference of the Family Firm Institute, North Carolina Family Business Forum, and The Center for Family Business at Belmont College. He is co-author of two books Working With Family Businesses and Holistic Model: Rethinking the Role of the University-Based Family Business Centers . He also has been published in The Aspen Family Business Group Monograph Series, The Rotarian, The Journal of Commercial Bank Lending, Family Business Review, Nation's Business, Family Business Source Book, and Business Succession Planning .


Elaine Cole
Public Relations Manager
Neeley School of Business at TCU