March 10, 2009

Neeley Entrepreneurship Center Hosts Family Business Seminar April 3

The Neeley Entrepreneurship Center at TCU will host a Family Business Seminar, April 3, at the Neeley School of Business at TCU ( .)  The full-day seminar will be led by one of the nation's top family business experts, Dr. Sam Lane.

"Succession Planning In Your Family Business: Getting It Right" will be held Friday, April 3, 2009, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Smith Hall, room 104, 2805 W. Lowden Street, TCU Campus. Cost is $199 for two attendees from one family and $50 for each additional family participant. For more information or to register, contact Brad Hancock , Director of the Neeley Entrepreneurship Center, at 817-257-5946, or  click here

The seminar will be led by Dr. Sam Lane, Ph.D, of the Aspen Family Business Group. Dr. Lane has more than 23 years of experience helping family businesses achieve their long-term goals and ensure their continued viability. As a corporate psychologist specializing as a consultant to family business, he successfully creates and implements individualized approaches to the unique challenges faced by family business enterprises across the United States.

Communication, conflict, ambiguous direction and informal structures are challenges to the development of a succession plan within a family business. This seminar will cover the basic principles of a successful family business, such as: assessing the direction of the business, roles for the future, deciding who is capable and motivated to fill those roles, the most effective entry and development process, and who should monitor the progress of the plan. Dr. Lane will demonstrate how to use specific tools to facilitate understanding and communication to make the succession process go smoother. These tools help clarify boundaries and create clearer understandings, as well as pre-negotiate areas of potential conflict.  This includes a Governance Structure, Compensation Policy, Buy-Sell Agreement, and Employment Policy.

About The Instructor
A widely-known speaker, Sam Lane, Ph.D, has addressed audiences at universities, institutes and forums across the country. He is co-author of two books, Working with Family Businesses and Holistic Model: Rethinking the Role of the University-Based Family Business Centers. He also has been published in The Aspen Family Business Group Monograph Series , The Rotarian, The Journal of Commercial Bank Lending, Family Business Review, Nation's Business, Family Business Source Book, and Business Succession Planning.

About the Neeley Entrepreneurship Center
The Neeley Entrepreneurship Center (NEC) helps current and future entrepreneurs build their skills, capabilities and confidence through a variety of student and external programs. The entrepreneurship program at TCU has been recognized by Entrepreneur , Fortune Small Business and US News & World Report as one of the top entrepreneurship programs in the country.  The NEC hosts the TCU Texas Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Scholarship Program, the TCU Collegiate Entrepreneur of the Year competition, and the TCU Student Elevator Pitch competition as well as seminars for entrepreneurs and family business owners. The TCU chapter of the Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization (TCU CEO) is the largest in the country and presents the Distinguished Speaker Series, Dinner with a CEO, Entrepreneur's Road Trip, Mentor Program and more.