April 23, 2007

Federal Reserve Bank's Fisher to Speak at Economic Outlook Conference May 16

The Neeley School of Business is proud to present "Globalization and the Shape of Things to Come: The Outlook for the Local, National, and Global Economy," May 16, 2007, noon to 3 pm, Dee J. Kelly Alumni & Visitors Center, TCU.

This conference is presented by the new Center for Business and Economic Forecasting, which was established to provide D/FW businesses with an independent source of unbiased information about the economic environment and how it will impact top-line business and governmental activity. The conference will feature:

    •   Richard Fisher, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, who will share
        observations on the latest trends in the global economy and discuss the role of the
        Federal Reserve in meeting the challenges globalization poses for monetary policy and
    •   U.S. Economic Outlook, presented by Dr. Ira Silver, Director of the Center for Business &
        Economic Forecasting and associate professor of Professional Practice in Managerial
    •   D/FW Metroplex Economic Outlook, presented by Dr. Van Jones, Assistant Director
        and Lecturer of Decision Sciences. 

Globalization - the unfettered flow of goods, services, people and money across borders - is changing the economic dynamics once used to make forecasts. Events that occur in countries on the other side of the globe directly impact the Metroplex, Texas and the Nation.

Successful businesses have established supply chain systems that rely on an accurate forecast of top-line activity. If the economy experiences an unexpected slowdown that impacts top-line results, shortfalls will feed through to lower levels, which are typically better understood by the business and command significant resources. But forecasts of economic growth at the national and global level, a major driver of top-line activity, is often overlooked or not supported to an optimal degree. This conference will provide important information into the economic dynamics at all levels: local, national and global.

Cost for the conference is $100, including lunch. Call (817) 257-6540 or visit www.cbef.tcu.edu to register by May 11.