May 13, 2008


A record number of 52 high school seniors participated in the year-long 2007-08 TCU High School Investor Challenge, and 26 will be attending TCU this Fall.

The challenge began last summer with a week on campus, then the each student had until April 2008 to invest a virtual portfolio of $100,000 each. On April 26, they presented their results.

For the first time, the investor challenge went out to high school seniors beyond the state of Texas. This year's class included students from Maryland, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Colorado, Arkansas and Louisiana, as well as Texas.

Those who attend TCU as freshmen in August will receive three hours of credit toward a Finance seminar.

TCU scholarships, a total of $178,500, went to: Kevin Able, Kansas; Blake Asjes, Missouri; John Bicknell, Louisiana; Brian Ford, Clay Holshouser, Garrett Isbell, Hayley Netherton, Kalie Presti, Carlos Reyes-Garcia, Lauren Rogers, Caroline Thompson, John Thompson and James Walsh, all of Texas; William Vonderfecht, Nebraska, and Andrew Yoder, Colorado.

The annual TCU High School Investor Challenge has grown tremendously since its inception five years ago, when it was offered solely to local high school seniors.

"I think the growth of the TCU High School Investor Challenge reflects the increased interest in stock trading and financial studies," said Joe Lipscomb, director of the LKCM Center for Financial Studies, which sponsors the challenge.

"With the challenge and the Educational Investment Fund, students are seeing that the Neeley School of Business at TCU is an important school for financial education and hands-on opportunities," he said.


Elaine Cole
Public Relations Manager
Neeley School of Business at TCU