May 03, 2006

High School Students Show Off their Investment Portfolios

Eleven high school seniors who participated in the TCU High School Investor Challenge, sponsored by the Luther King Capital Management Center, presented their portfolios at a banquet on April 25.

Each student began with a $10,000 portfolio and had nine months to buy, sell or keep the stocks in order to see gains. They began with a week-long summer program, then met once a month with student volunteers from the Educational Investment Fund.

Matt Threat from Nolan Catholic High School in Fort Worth was the top performer of the group. Using the original stock as his building block, he did better picking his own stocks.

Scott Boston of Highland Park High School in Dallas learned to invest in value stocks instead of growth stocks. Todd Vranac of Aledo High School confessed that he "couldn't wait to get home from school to see how my stocks were doing on CSNBC."

Francisco Cano Jr. of Northside High School in Fort Worth said he lost money on Intel stock, Michael Garza of South Hills High School saw small growth with companies that produced everyday items, and Sara Rodriguez of South Hills sold her stock quickly if it didn't perform. Cynthia Dorado of Nolan Catholic learned how the overall economy affects stock prices, while Celso Duran of Fort Worth Country Day learned that prayer doesn't work on the stock market.

Marianna Kisin of Southwest High School said it was an amazing experience that reassured her that her choice to attend TCU's Neeley School of Business this fall was the right one. Walberto Resendez of Northside also found it exciting to handle $10,000, and proudly announced that he will be his family's first college student and first Horned Frog.

Boston, Dorado and Rodriguez are also coming to TCU this fall.

The program is co-sponsored by Fidelity Investment and McGraw-Hill Irwin Publishing.

The 2006-2007 High School Investor Challenge will expand to schools across Texas. Director Joe Lipscomb said he has received 60-70 applications already.


Elaine Cole
Public Relations Manager
Neeley School of Business at TCU