September 15, 2006

Introducing the Class of 2009 Inaugural Neeley Fellows


 Thirty sophomore business students were selected to be the first group of Neeley Fellows. All have exceptional GPAs, work and community service experience, are involved in campus organizations and received strong letters of recommendation.

The inaugural Neeley Fellows class began with an Opening Reception for students and their parents on August 25th, followed by a Professional Development Orientation on September 1st. On October 5, they will participate in a retreat at Beaumont Ranch.

"At the retreat, the Neeley Fellows will integrate their new self-knowledge into a clear picture of how they can make a difference in the world," said program director Dr. Beata Jones.

Kristen Schropp said she was looking forward to the caliber of classes that she gets to take as part of the Neeley Fellows and to getting involved in the business community in Fort Worth. Nate Arnold hopes the program will provide him with the opportunity to achieve an understanding of business that goes above and beyond the normal degree and sets him apart from other business majors when he graduates.

The Neeley Fellows program includes a range of learning opportunities, including academically challenging business classes, work for clients, business tours, travel to New York and abroad, and a personalized professional development program to help the students develop and succeed upon graduation.

"Graduates from the program will not only possess unique business expertise but also a set of professional skills that will distinguish them from their peers," said Jones.

Applications were received from 75 students, and 30 were chosen. Neeley Fellow Mariana Morales said she applied to the program "because it would stimulate my academic potential and enrich my professional development."

Members of the Neeley Fellows are: Nathan Arnold, Holly Bagzis, Danielle Belanger, Jennifer Braatz, Brandon Chamberlin, Kristen Chapman, Pete Chapman, Jarrod Cox, Jason Hartman, Ashley Homsher, Bradford Keiser, Lyndsey McClelland, Jared Meadows, Melissa Melcher, Cam Miller, Ryan Mitts, Mariana Morales, Pavan Parikh, Daniel Plate, Riley Powell, Bradley Powers, Kristen Schropp, Mackenzie Short, Logan Smith, Robert Staky, April Taylor, Leslie Taylor, Vanessa Vargas, Ryan Wilson and Erik Yohe. 



Elaine Cole
Public Relations Manager
Neeley School of Business at TCU