September 10, 2010

MAc Students Take Pit Crew Challenge at Orientation

Pit Crew ChallengeThe Pit Crew Challenge was one of the highlights of the TCU Master of Accounting (MAc) orientation, held at Texas Motor Speedway.  

The 46 students were divided into teams of five for this hands-on, action-based learning assignment in teamwork. They listened attentively as Texas Driving Experience crew members showed them how to change tires on a racecar, including operating the pneumatic air gun for loosening and tightening bolts, removing and securing the heavy tires, and maneuvering the tires back and forth from the starting line.  

Each team changed two tires on a racecar positioned on a jack. They had three tries to see how fast they could make the change, working together and cheering each other on. 

 “It was an exercise in teamwork, determination, and the willingness to tackle something completely different,” said Sandra Callaghan, Associate Professor of Accounting, who helped plan the orientation. 

In addition to the Pit Crew Challenge, the students received an overview of the MAc courses, electives, expectations and international trips from Ray Pfeiffer, Chair of the Accounting Department. They also spent the day meeting and talking with professional accountants and recent MAc alumni, who provided many suggestions for a successful launch of their careers in accounting. 

“The orientation was a perfect way to start the new school year,” said Jerry Turner, the new MAc Program director. “The incoming MAc students now know their fellow classmates and their faculty, and can look forward to a great year in the MAc program.”



Elaine Cole
Public Relations Manager
Neeley School of Business at TCU