July 08, 2009


Shubhra Bhargava participated in the first TCU MBA For A Day program and made such an impression that Sabre hired her fulltime.

The new initiative created by the Graduate Career Service Center gave TCU business alumni and other corporate partners a chance to host a current TCU MBA student for a day. One day at Sabre was all it took for Shubhra to make a lasting impression.  Hosted by Dorothee Irisson MBA'08, Shubhra indicated a strong interest in working at Sabre Holdings and asked Dorothee to introduce her to department heads.

"Dorothee set up a few meetings on Shubhra's behalf," said Keri Young, Assistant Director of the Graduate Career Service Center. "She met with two executives as well as Sabre's senior recruiter. By the time she was headed to the elevator at the end of the day, she was offered a non-posted internship position."

LaTanya Johns, Director of the Graduate Career Service Center, created the pilot program for MBA For A Day to get students off campus and into work environments.

"These are challenging times and we are trying to find guidance and affirmation as we help our graduates navigate the job market," she said. "Our students benefit and are encouraged when alumni and corporate recruiters partner with us to help them access opportunities, achieve professional goals, and gain knowledge about companies in the Metroplex. The TCU MBA For A Day program is mutually gratifying for both our students and our business partners."

Overall, 31 MBA students participated with 15 companies. Several companies were new partners with the Graduate Career Service Center, including: City of Fort Worth, Efinity Consulting, Kings III America, Philip's, Walco, Stephens Inc., Sabre Holdings, Funimation, Range Online Media, Quicksilver Resources, Mouser Electronics, FedEx, Dallas Morning News, Alcon and AT&T.

TCU MBA For A Day will expand this fall to all newly admitted MBA students.

For further information about TCU MBA For A Day, contact Leslie Seydler at the Graduate Career Services Center at 817-257-7119 or l.m.seydler@tcu.edu .