September 21, 2009


An article on the growing popularity of Metroplex MBA programs in Sunday's Star-Telegram featured three TCU MBA students and Bill Cron, associate dean of graduate programs.

Star-Telegram business editor Scott Nishimura pointed out that the current TCU MBA class is 45% larger than last year's. He quoted Cron as saying that the opportunity cost of taking two years off for a full-time MBA program looks good since workers are looking for ways to broaden their skills in the recession.

Cron said the increase in class size is positive because with more people come more ideas. "As the numbers of students grow, it also becomes easier to add specialties," Cron was quoted as saying.

Nishimura interviewed three TCU MBA students: Jeremy Shields, 27, from Chicago; Emily Howard, 24; from Austin; and Tim Bludau, 33, from Dallas.

A native Texan, Shields said he moved back here from Chicago, where he was working in commercial real estate with an undergraduate degree from Texas A&M, because the North Texas area was a great place to launch his career after he graduated.

Howard, whose undergrad is from Georgetown University, told Nishimura that she gave up her job and impending promotion as an event planner to go back to school for her MBA because it was the right time for her to pursue her interest in nonprofits and women's issues.

Bludau said that he gave up his job as senior project manager for a Dallas information technology company because he felt that he had hit the ceiling working in a small company and "wanted more."

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