February 28, 2011


Tim Halperin (BBA ’10) has made the top 24 for the new season of American Idol. Tim was an honors student, marketing major and Neeley Fellow.

"Tim is one of the most all-around talented students we've had in the Neeley School," said Dr. Bill Moncrief, Senior Associate Dean of the Neeley School of Business at TCU.

Tim’s colleague in the Neeley Fellows, Josh Simpson, wrote the following article about Tim.

The Halperin Cycle - By Josh Simpson ’13

Tim Halperin’s musical success has been a journey in the making, taking him all the way to Hollywood and American Idol. The Neeley Fellows Program, the Neeley School, and the TCU community are supporting the talented singer/songwriter, who was a campus celebrity while at TCU.

Tim’s story is one of pursuing his dreams and valuing his community. There is much to be learned from him.

Tim is obviously blessed with vocal talent and has put effort and energy into pursuing musical opportunities. Tim also uses his vocal gifts to give back to others. Last Spring, Tim advocated Frogs for the Cure by writing a song, “We Fight Back,” which inspired many breast cancer survivors.

There appears to be an important cycle in Tim’s life: 1) He has musical talent. 2) He devotes time to developing that talent. 3) He utilizes his talent to support others. 4) He benefits from extraordinary opportunities and enormous support. 5) He continues the cycle.

TimThink about your talents and dreams. What are you doing to develop your particular skills? How are you using your talents to help others?

These questions have important implications in the business world. After all, what are businesses but a collection of people working together to achieve a common goal? If each individual knows his/her strengths and passions, then he/she can use them not only to impact a business, but also to impact a community.

According to Dr. Raymond Smilor, Entrepreneurship Professor at the Neeley School, companies that are passionate about what they do make more money than companies that have only profit in mind. Successful companies make a good return because they are skilled, passionate about what they do, and know the importance of giving back to the community.

Skill, passion, and giving back to the community—sounds like someone we know.

Let’s apply the “Halperin Cycle” to business. 1) A company employs talented people. 2) It devotes time to developing that talent. 3) It utilizes that talent to support others, the community or the environment. 4) It benefits from extraordinary opportunities and customer support. 5) It continues the cycle.

Tim JulieMaster your talents and give back to those around you: It’s the Tim Halperin way of doing things. And it’s good business.

Watch Tim Halperin & Julie Zorrilla sing “Something In The Way”