December 18, 2007

Neeley Hooding Ceremony Culminate Years of Hard Work

On December 15, Neeley deans, faculty, staff and families of the graduates honored MBA, MAc and MIM graduates with the ritual hooding ceremony, held in TCU's Ed Landreth Auditorium.

The majority of the graduates were from the Professional MBA program, the part-time program that allows professionals to earn their master's degree in business while working full-time. 

Associate Dean of Graduate Programs Bill Cron pointed out that nearly one-third of the PMBA graduates had received at least one promotion while in the program. One student, Jerome Ries, earned four promotions over the course of the program.

The ceremony also honored Miguel Arriaga-Solar, who was graduating from the Master in International Management program.  Miguel took half of his master courses at the Universidad de las Americas in Puebla, Mexico.

Cron said that he often asks Neeley's graduate students why they choose to achieve their master's degree.

"The answers I receive vary depending on circumstances and personality, but all mentioned the positive correlation between effort and outcomes. Furthermore, they implicitly understood-even before their first finance course-that the return on investing in their own skills and professional development was going to exceed their hurdle rate, regardless of the element of uncertainty incorporated into their discount rate when calculating a net present value for their investment."

Several graduates achieved exceptional grade point averages and were singled out as Neeley Scholars:
Top Neeley Scholars were Karla Wilks, Master of Accounting, and Erin Louise Warner,Professional MBA. Other Neeley Scholars from the PMBA: Angela Marie Eisen-Lewis, Michele Renee Polanski, Christopher Scott Lacaze, Cheryl Lynn Mazurowski, and Lisa Ann Cassidy.

Congratulations to these and all Neeley graduates! 


Elaine Cole
PR/Events Manager
Neeley School of Business at TCU