August 18, 2006

Neeley Launches New Branding Campaign


  The Neeley School of Business at TCU is embarking on a new branding campaign based on research, perception, examples and benchmarking. When people think of the Neeley School, they think: "Personal," "Connected," Real." Those three attributes are now part of  a new branding campaign, with a new look and feel for the website, publications, brochures, ads and even the Neeley logo.


"A brand is not the Neeley School name nor the TCU name; it is what our name stands for: our distinctive attributes, our unique qualities, our strengths. It's who we are and what we do," said Chris Riordan, Associate Dean for External Relations at Neeley. "Sometimes it is difficult to put those in words. But when it all came together, there was no doubt what Neeley brings to the table."

Personal -   At Neeley, you are more than just a face in a classroom. You get a personalized business education that brings out the best in you.

Connected - You develop strong connections and build relationships with business leaders, faculty and other students.

Real - Neeley combines innovative learning environments and real-world experiences to give you a nationally recognized business education unlike any other.

Neeley's external relations department led the branding process: Chris Riordan, Associate Dean for External Relations; Jeff Waite, Director of External Relations; Elaine Cole, Public Relations/Events Manager; and Eric Prather, Publications Manager. Dean Dan Short and the administration for Neeley's academic programs also took part.

The Neeley team worked with the Balcom Agency, an award-winning local ad agency, as a creative partner, including Stuart Balcom, President; Kim Speairs, Account Director; and Carol Glover, Creative Director, Brian Blankenship, Senior Art Director; and Tina Widner, Senior Copywriter.

This creative team knew the message needed to differentiate Neeley from its peers and, most importantly, inspire the staff, students, alumni and faculty.

The Balcom Agency presented the tagline: It's more than business. It's personal.

"The tagline captures the power of one-on-one connections created by Neeley's acclaimed faculty and innovative learning environment," Riordan said.

Once the three attributes were identified, the Balcom Agency and the External Relations team developed messaging strategies and a new visual style and direction. The new look and feel includes the Neeley website, publications, view books, brochures, ads and even the logo, which is streamlined and emphasizes Neeley's strong connection with TCU.

"We are galvanized around this new branding campaign and eager to see its results," said Dean Short. "Refining the Neeley brand is just one piece of the new marketing strategy for the Neeley School of Business; however, it is an important one. It will help us achieve our vision of becoming known as the premier business school in Texas."

The Neeley School of Business puts bright minds to work in a personal, connected and real environment. Personalized education and career development help students develop and succeed. Brilliant faculty, renowned executives and major corporations make powerful connections. Students do real work for real clients with real challenges. The Wall Street Journal ranked Neeley's MBA program #18 in the nation and the highest ranked business school in Texas. BusinessWeek ranked Neeley's undergrad program #33 out of 1,400. Neeley ranked #2 for outstanding facilities and #9 for Opportunities for Women by The Princeton Review. Everything we do is geared toward forging the next generation of leaders - one unique person at a time


Elaine Cole
Public Relations Manager
Neeley School of Business at TCU