May 31, 2007

Neeley School Honored with Fort Worth Mayor's Global Business Award

At a banquet May 31, the Neeley School of Business was presented the 2007 Mayor's Global Business Award, recognizing excellence in international business. Neeley was one of nine finalists for the award out of 35 nominated organizations based in Tarrant County.

"As today's market expands around the globe and virtually everyone is connected 24/7, business leaders of tomorrow need to know how to manage the global supply chain, how to identify and manage new areas of competition, and how to begin or support new ventures," said Dean Dan Short. "The Neeley School makes sure our students comprehend, respect and experience the economic, political, cultural and legal aspects of a global environment."

Neeley's global approach is three-pronged: 1) Develop and disseminate knowledge about the global environment; 2) Help students experience and influence the global environment; 3) Create powerful global connections.

"Our international connections give students first-hand insight into how the business world is intricately linked, while encouraging curiosity and openness about business differences and similarities," said Bill Cron, associate dean for graduate programs.

Study abroad programs expose Neeley students to business practices and cultural aspects in Mexico, China, Chile, Italy, France, Germany and India. These experiences enhance their career opportunities, help them understand another culture and connect with students like them from other countries. They also tour local companies to meet executives and talk with employees.








Neeley also has degree agreements with five international universities: Universidad de las Americas in Puebla, Mexico; Ecole Supérieure de Commerce and Burgundy School of Business in France; Albert Ludwig Universitat in Freiburg, Germany; and Universidad Mayor in Santiago and Temuca, Chile.

Many Neeley students work directly with small businesses in developing countries to provide business plans and monetary support.

In 2007, Neeley added study abroad programs in China and India to reflect the growth of business in those countries, and encouraged additional faculty to study abroad to incorporate expanded global issues throughout the Neeley curriculum.

 "On campus or off, Neeley students have every opportunity to forge powerful global connections," said Christine Riordan, associate dean of external relations. On campus, 26 percent of Neeley MBA students are international, representing seven countries. "Because of Neeley's personalized environment, students make lasting friendships and future career links that know no boundaries," she added.

Neeley faculty also connect with companies and peers around the world to facilitate global research and study abroad opportunities. Neeley faculty members teach and conduct research in China, Korea, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, France, Morocco, Germany, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Britain, Turkey, Switzerland, India, Poland, Russia and more. They hold leadership positions in the Asian Academy of Management, American Marketing Association, and more. Many of their research articles, books and textbooks are translated in a variety of languages.

 "Whether working alongside someone from a different country, visiting corporations overseas, studying abroad or supporting an entrepreneur in an emerging market, Neeley students see themselves as citizens of the world with expanded vision, ethics and values," said Bill Moncrief, associate dean of undergraduate programs.

Read the Global Connections story in the Fall 2006 Neeley magazine .


Elaine Cole
Public Relations Manager
Neeley School of Business at TCU