March 16, 2007

Neeley School Hosts Conference on Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets

The Neeley School will host a first-ever, two-day conference on Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets, March 29-30. More than 65 of the world's top entrepreneurial scholars, experts and researchers are scheduled to attend. The conference is sponsored by Pegasus Solutions and Hall Financial Group.

"Entrepreneurial experts from around the world will come to TCU to share groundbreaking research and insights on entrepreneurship in nations such as China, East & Central Europe, India, Indonesia, South America, Vietnam and more," said Garry Bruton, management professor and academic director for the Neeley Entrepreneurship Center, who is coordinating the conference.

The conference will begin Thursday evening, March 29, with dinner at Fort Worth's famous honky-tonk, Billy Bob's Texas. Featured speaker for the dinner will be Shaker Zahra, co-director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and the Center for Integrative Leadership, and also the Robert E. Buuck Chair in Entrepreneurship, at the University of Minnesota. On Friday of the conference, Zhara, a foremost management researcher, will present the first major paper on entrepreneurship in primarily Muslim areas of the world.

Friday, March 30, the conference will feature several sessions throughout the day focusing on specific entrepreneurial challenges in various emerging markets.

The featured luncheon speaker will be Mike Hitt, the Joe Foster '56 Chair in Business Leadership and Carroll and Dorothy Conn Chair in New Venture Leadership at Texas A&M University. Hitt is editor of the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, former editor of the Academy of Management Journal, past president of the Academy of Management, and past president of the Strategic Management Society. 

March 29, Thursday
6:30 pm            Dinner at Billy Bob's Texas
                        Welcome, Dean Daniel R. Short
                        Speaker: Shaker Zhara, University of Minnesota

March 30, Friday
9:00 am           Opening Remarks
                        Garry Bruton, Texas Christian University
                        David Ahlstrom, Chinese University of Hong Kong
                        Krzysztof Oblój, Warsaw University

9:20 am            "The Impact of Networking on Bank Financing: The Case of Vietnamese 
                        all and Medium-sized Enterprises"
                        Thang Nguyen, University of Macau

                        "The Role of Entrepreneurial Transformation in the Network-Performance  
                        Relationship in Emerging Market Firms"
                        Daphne W. Yiu and Chung-Ming Lau, Chinese University of Hong Kong
                        "Returnee Entrepreneur Characteristics, Science Park Location Choice and
                        Performance: An Analysis of High Technology SMEs in China"
                        Mike Wright, Nottingham University, UK
                        Igor Filatotchev, King's College, UK

                        "A Tale of Two Politico-Economic Systems"
                        Duane Ireland and Justin Webb, Texas A&M University

10:30 am          Break

10:50                "Foreign IPO Legitimacy: The Moderating Effects of Geographic Scope and 
                         Insider Ownership"
                         Curt B. Moore, Texas Christian University
                         R. Greg Bell, University of Texas at Arlington
                         Hussam A. Al-Shammari, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

                        "Institutional Environments for Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Transition 
                        Economies in East-Central Europe"
                        Tatiana S. Manolova, Bentley College
                        Rangamohan V. Eunni, Youngstown State University

                       "Corruption and Entrepreneurship: How Formal and Informal Institutions
                       Shape Firm Behavior in Mature and Emerging Market Economies"
                       Vartuhi Tonoyan and Robert Strohmeyer, University of Mannheim, Germany

                       "Dominant Logic & Firm Performance in Em

Noon               Lunch
                        Speaker: Mike Hitt, Texas A&M University

1:30 pm           "Environmental Perceptions and Scanning in the U.S. and India: Convergence 
                        in Entrepreneurial Information Seeking?"
                        Wayne H. Stewart, Jr. , Clemson University
                        Ruth C. May, University of Dallas

                         "The Development of Entrepreneurship in China: A Review and Future Research"
                         Jing Yu Yang, University of Sydney

                         "Clear and Present Danger: Political Turmoil and The Contingent Nature of  
                         Planning on Entrepreneurial Firm Survival in Colombia"
                         Shon R. Hiatt and Wesley D. Sine, Cornell University

                         "Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies: Barriers to Entrepreneurship in the
                         Muslim World"
                         Shaker Zahra , University of Minnesota

2:40 pm             Break

3:00 pm            "Entrepreneurial Economic Development in Emergent Markets: An
                         Application of Resource Based Theory"
                         G. Page West III , Wake Forest University
                         Charles E. Bamford, Queens University of Charlotte

                         "What Drives New Ventures to Internationalize from Emerging Economies to  
                         Developed Economies?"
                         Yasuhiro Yamakawa, Mike W. Peng, David L. Deed, University of Texas at Dallas

                        "Environmental Shocks and SME Alliance Formation Intentions in an
                         Emerging Economy: Evidence from the Asian Financial Crisis in Indonesia"
                         Louis Marino, University of Alabama
                         Franz Lohrke, Samford University

                        "Exploring an Inverted U-Shape Relationship between Entrepreneurial  
                        Orientation and Performance in Chinese New Ventures"
                        Jintong Tang and Louis Marino, University of Alabama
                        Zhi Tang, Rochester Institute of Technology

4:10 pm            Editors Panel: Outlook for Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets
                        Ray Bagby - Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice
                        Mike Hitt - Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal
                        Duane Ireland - Academy of Management Journal
                        Mike Peng - Asia Pacific Journal of Management
                        Mike Wright - Journal of Management Studies
                        Shaker Zahra - Journal of International Business Studies