March 31, 2006

Neeley School Introduces New Leadership Program for Business Undergrads


Businesses today are looking for more than employees with good college degrees. They want people who can guide initiatives, transition change, communicate successfully, advocate teamwork and advance organizational goals. The Neeley School of Business at TCU has founded the Next Generation Leadership program to produce just such business and community leaders.

Through action-oriented classes, community service projects, personal coaching, leadership forums and presentations from leaders in a variety of fields, Next Generation Leadership students will get first-hand leadership experience, interact with people who are making a difference in their communities and companies, and practice their own leadership skills.

"Leadership skills separate individuals from the crowd," says Dr. Christine Riordan, director of the program and founder of a similar, successful program at the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia. "This program helps business students hone their communication skills, build successful teams, recognize the importance of leadership, and bring valuable leadership styles and standards to work for their future employer."

The two-year Next Generation Leadership program is reserved for TCU students accepted in the Neeley School of Business their junior year. The program is designed to fit into the course of study for all degrees in the business school.

Students will be required to take four classes in leadership that will focus on personal leadership, interpersonal skills, team skills and leading an actual project. In addition, the students will participate in activities outside the classroom that are designed to help them develop their knowledge and competencies in leadership. For example, the students will go through a leadership assessment center experience, received feedback from a coach, participate in special skill development workshops, have forums with various business leaders, and participate in leading the program itself.

Students in the program will graduate with distinctive knowledge and skills acquired from practicing leadership in a safe environment before entering the work force. They will be highlighted by the Neeley School as top-quality candidates to employers and recruiters through a Leadership Program résumé book. A special ceremony will commemorate completion, participation in the Leadership Program will appear on their transcripts, and each will receive a special cord to use at graduation.

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Elaine Cole
Neeley School of Business