September 15, 2006

Next Generation Leadership Program Welcomes First Class


 Orientation for the first class of the BNSF Next Generation Leadership program was held Saturday, August 26, for parents and students to introduce them to the field of business leadership. The Neeley School juniors and their parents were provided with a roadmap to the program and received a detailed briefing of the various courses and co-curricular activities in which they will participate.

"The enthusiastic turnout of parents at the Orientation Event is living testimony of the crucial role of a strong supporter network for leadership competency development," said Pieter Vermeulen, director of the BNSF Next Generation Leadership program.

Paul Brown said he applied to the program because he thinks that companies "are looking for leaders to move up the ranks once you have your foot in the door, and this program will provide me with more ability to do so." Brown added that his acceptance in the program will make his résumé stand out.

Another BNSF Next Generation Leadership student, Mathew Lundberg, said his goal for the program "is to have a better understanding of corporate leadership and how to use the skills from this program to become a more effective leader and manager in the future."

Through action-oriented classes, community service projects, personal coaching, leadership forums and presentations from leaders in a variety of fields, Next Generation Leadership students will get first-hand leadership experience, interact with people who are making a difference in their communities and companies, and practice their own leadership skills. Students will be required to take four classes in leadership that will focus on personal leadership, interpersonal skills, team skills and leading an actual project. In addition, the students will participate in activities outside the classroom that are designed to help them develop their knowledge and competencies in leadership.

"Professor Baum does a fabulous job of relating life's issue on a more personal note. He shares with us his own roles on a day-to-day basis and the challenges he might encounter. That gets all the students thinking of our own lives and of how we can better manage our lives," said Anandita D'souza. "The Next Generation Leadership program is instilling me with confidence and making me more conscious of different moments in the day when I might be able to exercise leadership skills."


Next Generation Leadership students are: Jonathon Aboites, Blake Bonner, Joseph Brown, Lauren Brown, Paul Brown, Maria Correa, Anandita D'souza, Liz Elliot, William Ellison, Emily Faber, Jordan Farr, Emily Hatcher, Eric Howell, Tom Hutchins, Matthew Kubic, Matthew Lundborg, Jake Mattison, Jay Miller, Jessica Miller, Hannah Munsch, Kirk Oliver, Michael Roach, Alyssa Rosa, Rachel Sauer, Reagan Smith, Laura Soben, Noble Starnes, Courtney Wilkerson, Larry Wilkerson and Andrew Wilson. 


Elaine Cole
Public Relations Manager
Neeley School of Business at TCU