July 17, 2009


In December, a group of TCU MBA students went to Guatemala to help women entrepreneurs. That project got the attention of the  Social Entrepreneurship and Educational Consortium (SECC), who invited them to present at their workshop and competition in Spain in July.

So Megan Davis, Michael Nuckolls and Kendra Stevens traveled to IE University in Segovia, Spain, July 9-11, to share best practices and exchange ideas with other universities to promote social entrepreneurship. They mingled with students and experts from Purdue, University of Illinois, London Centre Training Institute, Babson College, Universidad CEU San Pablo, Norwegian University of Life Science, Universidad las Palma de Gran Canaria.

Megan said the it was obvious that the speakers at the SEEC workshop , "Moving Social Entrepreneurship Forward Through Education, Research and Partnerships," were dedicated to the improvement of people everywhere. "It really showed in their obvious passion about the topic," she said.

Several discussions centered around defining social entrepreneurship. "More and more, we are seeing this emphasis on social entrepreneurism  within business plans of our generation," Megan said.

The TCU MBA project in Guatemala (featured in the January 2009 Neeley eNews )  was selected in the top five out of all the schools in attendance in the  Social Entrepreneurship Feasibility Analysis Competition , which fosters projects that have social and/or environmental impact as a central component of the enterprise. The projects had to be economically sustainable, with a high potential for international expansion. The top five projects were presented in front of a jury and included a question and answer session.

Dr. Garry Bruton, who headed up the Guatemala project, was very proud of the TCU MBA team. "It took a big time commitment to go to the workshop. Then to be one of the five finalist among the schools who were invited was a great honor. I know they did a great job."


Elaine Cole
PR Manager
Neeley School of Business at TCU