April 18, 2008

Neeley Begins South Korean Study Abroad Program

TCU’s first exchange program in Asia will begin spring 2009.

The Neeley School of Business at  TCU is partnering with Korea University Business School to provide TCU's first student exchange program in Asia. The new Asia exchange program will be open to all Neeley business majors.

Steve Lim, associate professor of accounting and an alumnus of Korea University, and Garry Bruton, management professor and president of the Asia Academy of Management, were on business in Korea in December and visited with Korea University to discuss establishing a relationship with TCU.  Siri Terjesen, assistant professor of entrepreneurship, who has taught throughout Asia is now also actively involved in the program.

"Korea University is one of the top business schools in Asia," said Bruton, who pointed out that South Korea's current president, Lee Myung-bak, is an alumnus of the university.

"This is an opportunity for TCU business students to study in one of the world's rapidly emerging markets," said Lim. "The Asia study abroad program will greatly improve their knowledge of the global business world and increase their career prospects."

The Neeley School currently provides  study abroad programs in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Chile, China and India. These international connections give Neeley business students first-hand insight into how the business world is intricately linked, while encouraging curiosity and openness about business differences and similarities.

About Korea University Business School (http://biz2.korea.ac.kr)

  •   First business school on Korea
  •   Rated #1 MBA in Korea for 2006 & 2007, The Ministry of Education & Human Resource
  •   55%+ classes offered in English (Asia MBA, Global MBA: 100%)
  •   70 partner universities in 25 countries
  •   Largest Faculty of any business school in Korea
  •   Large number of CEOs and CPAs among alumni
  •   Located in Seoul
  •   First and only school in Korea to be accredited by both AACSB and EQUIS, two prominent
      business school accreditations.

About the Neeley School of Business at TCU (http://www.neeley.tcu.edu)

  •   Top 40 undergraduate business school by BusinessWeek 2006, 2007 and 2008.
  •   #4 for Return on Investment by BusinessWeek in 2008
  •   #10 for Hardest Working by BusinessWeek in 2008
  •   Fully accredited by AACSB
  •   Companies posting full-time jobs 2007-08: 348
  •   Located in Fort Worth, Texas
  •   Study abroad program in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Chile, China and India - just added


Elaine Cole
Public Relations Manager
Neeley School of Business at TCU