September 23, 2009


A local prime-time news story on CBS featured the TCU entrepreneurship program and interviews with Brad Hancock, director of the Neeley Entrepreneurship Center, Jeff Livney, senior Entrepreneurial Management major, and Justin Avery Anderson, recent TCU graduate.

For the story, which aired at 7:30 and 8:30 pm on Tuesday, September 22, CBS reporter Selena Hernandez point out that "TCU is earning a reputation for preparing its students to think outside the business box. The university was recently ranked among the top 20 universities in the nation for its entrepreneurship program."

Hancock said that more students are looking at starting their own business. "With the economy and the way it is going, more and more people are saying 'I want to control my own destiny',"  he said.

Hernandez interviewed TCU entrepreneurial students Livney and Anderson on their successful businesses. "I think there's lots of opportunities in the current economy, especially if you're able to offer your service at a lower cost than the competitors," Livney said.  Livney owns Livney+Partners, a full-service boutique marketing firm.

Anderson was interviewed as another "Horned Frog who's honed-in on an untapped market." Anderson has appeared on the Home Shopping Network and his moist granola, Anderson Trail,  is sold at Central Market and Whole Foods stores. Anderson started his company when he was 16 and came to TCU after winning the TCU Texas Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award scholarship, a program sponsored by the Neeley Entrepreneurship  Center.

"The success stories of Livney and Anderson are just two that TCU administrators say are just the beginning to getting a weakened economy back on track," Hernandez said.

"Instead of going out and taking a job, they're in a position to create jobs," Hancock said.

Hernandez revealed that the Neeley entrepreneurship program is in its ninth year and has 144 majors, and that the program educates students about the basics of business and helps them develop their ideas through specialized classes.

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