April 08, 2008

Neeley School Commended in TCU Daily Skiff Articles

Four recent articles in the TCU Daily Skiff have lauded policies and programs at the Neeley School.
An April 3  article by Christina Durano focused on Fort Worth ranking ninth in Best Places to Live and Launch a Business by Fortune magazine. She interviewed David Minor, director of the Neeley Entrepreneurship Center, who said that the designation will attract students to Neeley's entrepreneurship program.  Brad Hancock, assistant director of the NEC, said Fort Worth's population growth, economic boom and job growth helped its ranking.

In a Skiff editorial that same day, Jordan Haygood said:  "Neeley School of Business students are in the right place at the right time, especially students in the entrepreneurship program."

Neeley's accounting department took the spotlight on April 4 for toughening its retake policy. In the story , Skiff reporter Michelle Anderson interviewed Jared Meadows, a junior finance and accounting major, who said his initial reaction to the policy was that it wouldn't affect too many people, "but I'm for it because it rewards people who did well the first time around."

Joe Zigtema wrote an  editorial on April 8 that said the retake policy is a sound idea.

 "In a competitive academic environment, students should not be allowed to take a do-over whenever they make a bad grade in a class," Zigtema wrote in the Skiff . "They should be held accountable when they produce results that don't measure up to their own or their departments' standards - that's the reality in a working environment.

"Neeley is living up to its reputation as the university's most prestigious school," his column continued. "It has a responsibility to produce intelligent, hard-working students that do the work right the first time.

"The university should follow Neeley's lead. As our university's most highly-ranked school, it should and is leading the way toward a higher-achieving student body."