June 24, 2010


“The Neeley & Associates Consulting team acted expertly in their role as a consulting partner,” said John T. Carson of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. “They were both insightful and professional. Their in-depth analysis broadened Lockheed Martin’s approach to managing its supply chain.  We look forward to working with another Neeley & Associates team in the near future.”

Each year, first-year TCU MBA students are called upon by premium companies to come up with solutions with immediate impact and long-term results.  Neeley & Associates Consulting provides MBA students with real-world opportunities to apply their skills while serving and satisfying a high-powered  client. 

“Working with Neeley & Associates, you gain confidence and know you are qualified to work with a company,” said Jonathan Nelson, second-year TCU MBA student who acted as a principal on the project for Texas Instruments.  “It builds on the classroom experience and allows you to tap into your own creativity and experience.” 

In May, the students presented their recommendation to the clients.  

“I wanted to congratulate you on a very successful final report,” said Dan Donohue, Vice President of Sales Strategy and Insight for PepsiCo, in an email to the Neeley & Associates Consulting team. “You  simply nailed it. Thank you for your hard work and tireless commitment along the way. In the end, you really helped us understand – with great analytic rigor – the impact "clear-store" has on our business, and also provided a meaningful framework for us to position ourselves to win.”

“They gave us solid research, analysis and recommendations that were invaluable to the success of the project on rebranding company merchandise,” said Tracey Price with Bell Helicopter Textron. “The consultants were very professional, personal and easy to work with. We look forward to working with Neeley and Associates again on future projects.” 

Interested in hiring Neeley & Associates Consulting for projects? Contact Ed Riefenstahl, Director of Experiential Learning, at 817-257-5668 or e.riefenstahl@tcu.edu.

Below is a full list of the 2009-2010 clients, projects , faculty advisors and TCU MBA team members.

Client        Project          TCU MBA Team Members

Faculty Advisor: Garry Bruton       
Modeling Philanthropy –
Building Sustainable Eye Care in         
Emerging Global Markets 
Shiva Gupta, Principal
Cherie Cao
Morgan Steinbrunner
Emily Howard
Armando Garcia
Bell Helicopter

Faculty Advisor: Ray Smilor
Bell Helicopter Employee Store
Merchandise Branding and
Supply Chain Review
Zach Skelton, Principal
David Boelens
Amber Carnathan
Melissa Miro

Faculty/Staff Advisor: David
Consulting Business Plan for
Excellence in Customer Service
in Health Care
Austin Greeson, Principal
Lance Melnichenko
Tyler Lewis
Travis Redman
Neha Vaidya
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

Faculty Advisor: Laura Meade  
Identification and Assessment of
Industrial Supply Chain Best
Practices (Working with LMA JSF   
F-35 Team)
Daniel Graham, Principal
Karthik Srikanta
Steve Maricle
Lena Jucho
Joseph Murray

Faculty Advisor: Eric Yorkston  
Winning with “Expandable
Consumables” in a “Clean Store”
Adam Anderson, Principal
Robert Upshaw
Mary Anand
Ngyhia Randle
Davin Sanchez
Ducanh Truong  

Faculty Advisors: David Preston     
and Mark Houston 
Assessment and Formulation of
SABRE’s Strategy with Meta
Jason Dunn, Principal
Rahul Jose
Vetrivel Natarajan
Timothy Bludau
Leslie Schluckwerder  

Advisor: Jim Hille
Staff Coach: Ed Riefenstahl
SafeHaven Endowment Fund
Olivia Engkvist
Ed Guidry  
Texas Instruments

Faculty Advisor: Bob Leone  
Semiconductor Growth
Opportunities with Lithium
Jonathan Nelson, Principal
Brandon Johnson
Silpa Sanagala
Yan Wu
Zohaib Ali