March 14, 2012

U.S. News Ranks TCU MBA Ten Notches Higher and Top 10 Most Financial Value

US News 2013 fullThe Neeley School of Business at TCU’s graduate business program jumped 10 places to No. 70 out of 441 in the U.S. News & World Report ranking of the 2013 Best Graduate Business Programs. The Neeley School ranked #5 in the country for MBAs with the Most Financial Value at Graduation.

The ten-notch rise in the U.S. News full-time MBA ranking follows the momentum established in 2011 when Neeley rose to #80 from a 2010 rank of #94. The U.S. News ranking lists the full-time TCU MBA program as having a high average GMAT score, 643, and a high percentage of full-time graduates employed three months after graduation, 91.3%.

This is second year in a row for Neeley to be in the elite Top 10 MBAs with the Most Financial Value at Graduation. Only one other school returned to the list from last year, when the list was introduced.  On average, graduates from schools in the Top 10 MBAs with the Most Financial Value at Graduation make four times as much in their first-year salaries than what they owe in loans.

“I chose the TCU MBA program because I knew I would get a tremendous return on my educational investment,” MBA student Peter Dollahite said. “The full-time MBA program offers a unique opportunity to get a high-quality education from a private graduate business program located in an area of the nation experiencing accelerated job growth.”

Bill Cron, associate dean of graduate programs at the Neeley School, fully expects the TCU MBA program to keep climbing up the scale. “Over the last two years, Neeley is the fastest-rising school in the U.S. News rankings of full-time MBA programs. We are excited about this development, but this is only the beginning. We have the programs and the people in place to make great things happen.”

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Elaine Cole
PR Manager
Neeley School of Business at TCU