December 16, 2013

Videos Predicting the Future of Neeley Show the Creative Minds of Students, Faculty and Staff

Students were a little surprised to find a ball pit in the Tandy atrium when they arrived on campus this fall. But they and the faculty and staff soon jumped in to videotape their thoughts about the Neeley School, make a secret handshake, talk about their favorite professors, and dream about what education will be like 75 years from today.

The winning video, featuring Sarah Nunley, Michael Drozd and Jonathon Allen, won those students iPad minis. Students from five runner-up videos received $75 gift certificates to the TCU Bookstore.

Here are excerpts from some of the videos that students, faculty and staff created.Click here to watch the winning videos. 

Describe the technology Neeley students will use in 2088.
“Robots as teachers.”
“Or holograms as teachers.”
“Or will they even have teachers?”
Sarah Nunley, finance major, and Michael Drozd, business information systems major 

How is business education going to be different in 2088?
“No textbooks and no paper. Buildings will become meeting places for alumni and students to come together and come up with new ideas and innovations.”
George Low, Associate Dean of Undergraduate and International Programs

How has Neeley changed your life?
“This summer I got to go to New York for an internship, and I felt so prepared. It was harder to learn how to live in New York than how to succeed at my job.”
Kaity Wegen, entrepreneurial management major

What is your most memorable moment at Neeley?
“Yesterday, the last student I spent time with, hearing them talk about their dreams, their aspirations, their goals, that is my most favorite moment. So I have a new favorite moment every time I meet with a student.”
Brad Hancock, Director, Neeley Entrepreneurship Center 

Who is your favorite professor at Neeley?
“Dr. Youngblood, because he taught me to ask the question why.”
Holt Williamson, finance major

How is business education going to be different in 2088?
“We’ll have bio markers that will help determine which courses you will take.”
Bill Cron, Senior Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Research

What is your favorite Neeley memory?
“(Going) with our MBA students to Omaha to meet Warren Buffett. Every year he does a Q&A for elite MBA schools, and we’ve been fortunate to be invited for seven years in a row. Who can say they had a root beer float with Warren Buffett?”
LaTanya Johns, Director, Graduate Career Services

Watch the winning videos here.


 by Elaine Cole
PR Manager
Neeley School of Business at TCU