December 09, 2013

You Spoke. Dean Erekson Listened. Read the 75 Days of Listening Comments and Answers

To celebrate the Neeley School’s 75thanniversary, Dean Homer Erekson kicked off 75 Days of Listening in August, 75 days prior to the Diamonds & Ice Gala. He asked to hear from Fort Worth residents, TCU supporters, alumni, students, parents, faculty and staff about how the Neeley School has affected their life and careers, and any suggestion they had for the future.

Terri Brigman ’95 (Granbury): Require all graduates to have an internship prior to graduating.
Homer Erekson: Three years ago we added a fulltime internship coordinator for our undergraduate students and have seen a significant increase in internships and employment.

Jeff Guy ’72 ’73 (Southlake): You’ve upgraded the staff, curriculum and student experience, and attracted a higher caliber of student. The next logical step would be to improve facilities.
HE: A building can inspire all who work and study within its walls. We are in the preliminary stages of a building campaign. We look forward to an exciting development that will enhance TCU, Neeley and Fort Worth.

Amanda Solis ’15 (Fort Worth): The caliber of students accepted into the Neeley School is top notch. I appreciate having intelligent, relevant and thought-provoking conversations in my accounting class with students who have a similar motivation and commitment to the accounting profession.
HE: I am proud of our students, and pleased that you are aware of the importance of ethics and critical thinking in your studies. 

Kenneth Stone ’71 (Ames, Iowa): Getting my masters in management science was the best educational experience of my life. I particularly liked the living case studies.
HE: Experiential learning is even more a part of Neeley today, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. We believe a well-rounded business education goes beyond the four walls of a classroom. 

Renny Dillinger ’12 (Dallas): While certain institutions and local employers are recognizing the quality of our MBA program, it has not held true across the country. Let’s get our name out there.
HE: As the rankings reflect, our MBA is beginning to have a national and global brand. Each year, more major companies are making Neeley a target school to recruit our outstanding MBA graduates.

Will Hopper ’13 (Canyon): To pitch (entrepreneurial) businesses in front of VCs, angel investors and banks, it is necessary to possess more than just a cursory knowledge of finance and accounting.
HE: Providing more exposure to entrepreneurial finance (e.g., venture capital in the curriculum) is a great suggestion. We’re on it!

Terry Debo ’81 (Southlake): Programs that involve networking, communication about what’s going on on-campus and in the Neeley School, and maybe some continuing education credits for CPAs.
HE: We are expanding our alumni and constituent relations efforts, and repurposing the extended education programs offered through the Tandy Center for Executive Leadership and other centers. You can keep up to date on all Neeley activities through the Neeley magazine and monthly e-newsletter. Both are free, and you don’t have to be a TCU alum. Sign up at

Read the complete story in the Winter 2013 Neeley magazine.

by Elaine Cole
PR Manager
Neeley School of Business at TCU