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Connecting Horned Frogs: Our People are our Strongest Building Blocks

Neeley alumni are dedicated to the Horned Frog cause. In countless ways, they strengthen the reputation and awareness of a Neeley School degree.

June 11,  2014

By Elaine Cole

What makes a business school strong? Bricks? Mortar? Rankings? Accolades?

For the Neeley School of Business, our strongest assets are our lifelong, worldwide supporters. Our alumni open doors, roll up their sleeves, share advice, leverage resources and help identify new platforms for success.

Alumni who serve on the Neeley Alumni Executive Board play an especially important role. These active volunteers –TCU undergraduate and graduate business alumni – help recruit students, place students in internships and full-time positions, support programs, raise funds, and develop and promote events such as Neeley’s 75thanniversary gala.

Mike Pavell BBA ’93 MBA ’99, president of the Neeley Alumni Executive Board 2013-14, helps connect Neeley students with internships and job openings at Bank of America, where he is the Tarrant County president. (Read more about Pavell here.)

“I encourage all Neeley alumni to do the same in their own businesses and business networks,” he said. “If you are looking for a way to support Neeley but don’t know where to start, hiring Neeley students or helping them find a career path is a worthwhile first step.”

The board partners with Neeley’s director of alumni and constituent relations, Dallisa Hocking, to develop programs and activities for Neeley alumni, parents and other key partners. 

“We are always excited to hear from alumni around the world who are interested in serving on the board and spreading the message about the Neeley School’s many accolades and initiatives,” Hocking said.

Neeley alumni events for the 2013-14 semesters include the sold-out Rodeo Purple in Fort Worth, Business Network events in Houston and Dallas, Neeley Alumni Night in Downtown Disney in Orlando, student tours and panel discussions in Kansas City, a New Year’s mixer and National Networking Night in New York City.

“When I look at my career, a lot of my success and the relationships I have formed have come about as a result of my time at Neeley as both an undergrad and a graduate student,” Pavell said. “Serving on the alumni board is a great opportunity to express my thanks, stay engaged, further develop relationships and give back.”

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For information about serving on the Neeley Alumni Executive Board, contact Dallisa Hocking at 817-257-7154 or

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