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Bob Schieffer Visits the Neeley School to Talk About the Future of News

“Business people need to know more about communication, and communication people need to know more about business,” veteran newsman Bob Schieffer told a group of TCU business students.

April 09,  2014

By Elaine Cole

When Bob Schieffer (TCU ’59) visits TCU, he spends most of his time with students in the Schieffer College of Communication and hosting the popular Schieffer Symposium featuring other renowned journalists. This year, he ventured to another part of the TCU campus and visited the Neeley School of Business.

Schieffer sat down with O. Homer Erekson, John V. Roach Dean of the Neeley School, and about 100 Neeley undergraduate and graduate students, and talked about the past, present and future of news.

The host of CBS’ Face the Nation said he isn’t a fan of today’s need to be the first to break a news story. The person who breaks the news fastest, he said, usually makes mistakes. The best practice is still to research and check all the facts.

Darla Eason, regulatory compliance analyst at Lockheed Martin and a student in Neeley’s Master of Science in Supply Chain Management program, was particularly impressed when Schieffer said that the Neeley School of Business and the Schieffer College of Communication should work together to determine a business model for the news of the future.

“It just made so much sense, that the two should work together,” she said.

“As a business student, his talk was so fascinating,” Business Information Systems major Yun Lim said. “I never thought that much about journalism or the broadcasting business, but his talk made me think about the business side of delivering news and all the changes that the journalism business is facing.”

In his down-to-earth style, and sporting a purple tie and socks, Schieffer encouraged the Neeley School students to follow their passion and not take no for an answer. He also talked about his career path, work ethic and the luck he has had in his career, which was due in no small part to the amount of work he put in.

“The harder you work, the luckier you get,” he told the students.

“That just struck me,” Lim said. “People want luck. They think they deserve something, but that motivated me that I need to work hard before I ask for something.”

After his talk, Schieffer sat down for lunch with 14 of the students. Eason was one of them.

Eason, who once worked in the Schieffer School of Journalism, said she appreciated the opportunity that the Neeley School gave her to meet him. “Two of my dreams were to go back to college and to meet Bob Schieffer. Now I’ve done both,” she said. “He is so respected and knowledgeable. To hear him talk about Congress, politics and what is going on in the world was remarkable. And to meet him and find out he’s the real deal…plus, I made him laugh at lunch.”