Low on Fox4

Dr. George Low Talks to NPR and Fox 4 News about RadioShack

When Fort Worth-based RadioShack announced the closing of 1,100 underperforming stores, news stations turned to business experts at the Neeley School of weigh in on the move.

March 17,  2014

By Elaine Cole

NPR Marketplace reporter David Weinberg interviewed George Low, associate dean of undergraduate programs, on what is and isn’t working for the company as it tries to remake itself as a place to purchase cell phones.

“It’s tough for any retailer to sell and make significant margins on cell phones,” Low told Weinberg in a radio interview.

Low said that RadioShack has stayed afloat because the number of stores it has across the country makes it convenient for customers to visit, shop and pick up necessary items such as cell phones. “It’s convenient for people…and that’s why they’ve survived,” Low says.

Low also was interviewed by KDFW’s Lari Barager on what RadioShack needs to do to stay in business as the retail chain embarks on a battle to remake its image and cut down on losses.

“Advertising is costly to reposition the brand,” Low told the Fox 4 News reporter. “Revamping the stores is very costly because it’s expensive to redo all those stores. So they are in a very tight situation where they have to spend a lot of money to completely remake the company and the image in the public eye.”

Dr. Low said it takes years to change public perception of a long-standing image like RadioShack, but he believes the company could use its many storefronts as an asset, using them to fill sales placed by online buyers, incorporating internet usage and the convenience of neighborhood pickup to attract a younger market.