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Dr. Mo Rodriguez Gives Tips for Choosing a Loan Officer to U.S. News & World Report

When dealing with a loan officer for a mortgage, Rodriguez tells U.S. News readers to ask about fees, backgrounds and, above all, whether you trust this officer. 

May 13,  2014

By Elaine Cole

Reporters for respected news outlet often call on Neeley School professors for their expertise. In a story about choosing the right loan officer when securing a mortgage or underwriting, U.S. News & World Reportwriter Susan Johnston called on Finance/Real Estate Professor Mo Rodriguez, chair of the finance department, for guidance.

Rodriguez suggests looking for a loan officer who is patient when explaining all possible fees. He also recommends asking about the officer’s background in the lending industry, and whether or not the officer’s company will hold the loan or if it will go to another company.

Most importantly, he recommends that people ask themselves if they feel comfortable that this loan officer will act in their best interests.

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