Accounting Internships: It All Adds Up to Trust

TCU accounting majors performed meaningful projects for the San Francisco 49ers, Deloitte, PwC, Fidelity, Hunt Oil, Lhoist, Red Ventures, UBS, AroundCampus and Burgher Haggard. 

August 11,  2015

By Elaine Cole

Interning at Lhoist, Carson Castellano enjoyed visiting the plants in West Texas and Missouri where limestone is mined. But his favorite part was “being valued and listened to as an intern. TCU has done an excellent job equipping me with the tools to succeed,” he said.

Quade Gibson liked being a part of a team and gaining experience with “big-time” clients during his internship with Deloitte. He also got to travel to Washington D.C. and stay at Deloitte University. His biggest surprise? “The amount of trust and type of real work interns are given,” Quade said.

Preston Taylor gained immeasurable knowledge and people skills over his summer internship with Burgher Haggard. “I was able to connect the full circle of finance and accounting, and it helped me visualize my career goal.”

Kyle Genovese spent his accounting internship in San Jose, California, with the San Francisco 49ers. Not only did he get an inside look at how an NFL franchise is run and how the various revenue streams are managed and invested, he got to eat lunch in the cafeteria with the players.

For her internship with Fidelity Charitable in Raleigh, North Carolina, Margaret Wheeler said she was surprised by the friendly environment. “From the outside it seems stiff, but internally it is very relaxed and friendly,” she said.

Andrew Amoroso worked with a team of 10 accountants on different projects with Red Ventures in Charlotte, North Carolina. His favorite part was attending meetings and having conversations with the CEO.

Whitney Early also got to meet the chairman of her internship company, Hunt Consolidated Inc. “The Hunt intern program provides weekly opportunities for students to learn, network and have fun,” she said. “We attended executive/intern mixers, workshops and events at local attractions.”

Hung Vu spent his summer internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Hanoi, Vietnam, where he learned how PwC works with both domestic and international clients.

Zixuan Zhang was inspired by his coworkers to find solutions to complex issues at Shanghai Schneider Electric Logistics. Ian Hunt interacted with the partners at Jasper Ridge LLC.

Madeline Morris learned perseverance during her sales internship with The AroundCampus Group. “I didn’t realize how many people weren’t willing to give me five minutes to explain how the options I was offering would benefit their business. Some days I was told no 20 times in a row, but it taught me how to persevere. Every time I was told no, I was one step closer to a yes. Adopting this mentality led me to having some of the top selling numbers in the company.”

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