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Find the Business Frogs in Your City

Neeley alumni are following their career paths all across the country. To help them find each other and students, we’ve established committees in Horned Frog-heavy cities across the U.S.  

November 30,  2015

By Elaine Cole

Do you know where the Neeley alumni are in your city? We can help.

The TCU Neeley School has established committees across the U.S. to keep your purple connections strong and give students a bigger look at career opportunities.

In addition to our strong TCU Neeley committees in Fort Worth, Austin, Dallas and Houston, we now have committees in Northern California, Southern California, Seattle, New York City, Washington DC, Denver, Chicago and Kansas City. Headed by members of the Neeley Alumni Executive Board, these committees host events for alumni, students, parents and friends.

Over Fall Break, the NorCal Committee and Seattle Committee held events for area alumni to meet visiting Neeley students.

NorCal committee co-chairs Phillip Homza BBA ’10 Mac ’12 and Kaity Wegen BBA ’14 hosted a technology-themed event in a restaurant in the Twitter building in San Francisco.

“Katie and I wanted our first event to unite local alumni from different graduating classes, so we could learn what each other is doing and show the Neeley Fellows what it is like to live and work in the Bay Area,” said Homza, senior global asset management assurance for Ernst & Young.

Featured guest James Beshara, CEO and founder of Tilt, talked about how he started his successful company, and what the tech industry’s future looks like in the Bay Area. John Andrew Willis, from the TCU admissions office for the Bay Area, delivered an update on the growing numbers of students from Northern California applying to TCU. Ray Pfeiffer, associate dean of undergraduate programs, showed everyone the new building plans for the TCU Neeley School.

“I think the Bay Area has a lot to offer TCU and our graduates,” Homza said. “We are seeing more students move to San Francisco to start their careers. With the incredible opportunities that this city offers, I want to ensure that our alumni base continues to grow.”

The Seattle committee hosted their alumni/undergrad networking event at the Center for Wooden Boats, located on Lake Union in the shadow of the Seattle skyline. There were 22 students, three guests and 14 alumni in attendance. Susan Sledge from the Alcon Career Center delivered an update on the Neeley School.

“Bringing alumni and students together was fun,” said Jace Thompson BBA ’08 MBA ’13, manager of PNW budgets for BNSF Railway and chair of the Seattle Committee. “Everyone was impressed with the venue and there was a lot of positive energy in the room.”

The Chicago Committee is ready to increase visibility for local Horned Frogs and parents, provide opportunities for education and entertainment, facilitate job placement, and be a conduit for the latest news on the TCU Neeley School. Many students come to TCU from the Chicago area and return there after graduating.

“We want to help Neeley capitalize on that momentum and build a strong and enduring network in Chicago,” said Kyle Emmons BBA ’05, managing partner with Motte Partners, who co-chairs the committee with Scott Moore BBA ’81, associate partner with Aon Hewitt.

The NYC Committee is planning an event for spring featuring TCU alumnus Mark Bezos with the Robin Hood Foundation, who recently has been partnered with his brother, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, in the Blue Origin venture, a private aerospace company.

The NYC committee is co-chaired by Erik Harsemma BBA ’98, real estate broker with Brown Harris Stevens, and Ryan Hoff BBA ’11, associate of co-investment for AlpInvest Partners. Abby Osvog BBA ’11 co-chaired the committee until her recent move back to Fort Worth. Osvog landed a job in New York City upon graduating from TCU and said that career move would not have been possible without her TCU connections.  

“While a student at TCU and even more as an alum, I truly recognize the power of the TCU network and am passionate about connecting fellow Horned Frogs with each other,” Osvog said. “Activating our Neeley network in key cities across the country will continue to help more students achieve their goals of working for top-notch companies across the country and globally.”

Dallisa Hocking, director of alumni and constituent relations for the TCU Neeley School, said she is encouraged by the interest from alumni and constituents in the 12 committee locations. “Clearly people want to connect with Neeley and with one another, so we look forward to planning and activating events in their cities and continuing to increase engagement in new and meaningful ways.”