BIS Internships: An Active Member of the Team

TCU business information systems majors teamed up with AT&T, BNSF, Bell Helicopter, UBS, EY, Mary Kay, Texas Health Resources and Super Bowl 50 to build business intelligence. 

August 12,  2015

By Elaine Cole

Weldon Boley liked the engagement of being a wealth management intern at UBS. Andrew Anderson enjoyed being involved in all the different projects going on at once at Bell Helicopter. Carla Contillo was impressed that she was given the responsibilities of an EY fulltime staff person. Zane Gardner was surprised to find that AT&T executives were so willing to help interns succeed.

Summer internships are the primary way for students to immerse themselves in an organization, learn more about their field, gain valuable work experience and build on the skills they learn in the TCU classroom. For business information systems majors, that means working with data, systems and people.

Colin McNearny quickly became an asset to his team at Bell Helicopter. “I was tasked with three sizable projects for the company plus a cross-functional, multiple unit internship project, and allowed to present to senior leaders in the business.”

Deana Strain BBA ’15 was the only intern on a large SAP implementation project at BNSF Railway. “I was given the same opportunities as the other team members,” she said. “They entrusted me to be an active member of the team and help make executive decisions.” 

Internships are not without their surprises.

Robert Terheyden enjoyed being part of one of the biggest sports events in the U.S. when he interned for the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee in San Francisco. But he was pleasantly surprised by “all the snacks in the office.”

Khoa Le Dang Ho interned with Mary Kay in Dallas and was surprised that his schedule of work and meetings was as full as a fulltime employee.

Brandon Jaus liked working with senior-level execs at Texas Health Resources to build business intelligence and analytic products. His biggest surprise? “The number of acronyms and jargon associated with the medical industry,” he said.

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