Bolin Stamp Erekson

Bolin Innovation Forum Delivers a Thrill Ride for Your Brain

Jeffrey Stamp came to TCU to show students, faculty and staff how to transform their approach to creativity from accidental to intentional.  

April 16,  2015

By Elaine Cole

You wouldn’t set up for a party and then sit around hoping people show up. Yet most people approach new ideas just that way. They stare at their computer screen or out the window and hope “aha!” moments come to them. Or they come up with a new idea and don’t understand why no one else wants to jump on board.

Jeffrey Stamp, who was the creator and section manager of the team that innovated Baked! Lays® Potato Crisps for Frito-Lay, has helped countless business professionals, government leaders and university students awaken their untapped creative abilities and accelerate their discovery thinking.

The Bolin Innovation Forum with Stamp was full of twists and turns designed to help answer the question: What is the meaning of the things we think about?

“People want me to help them be creative,” Stamp said. “I believe most of us are too creative.” The problem, he said, is that cerebral thinking shuts down what you choose to do with your ideas. In his research on brainstorming session, he found that 50 percent of the ideas that people have don’t get shared with anyone else.

People need to “get comfortable with being uncomfortable” to take advantage of discovery thinking, Stamp told the crowd of students, faculty and business leaders attending the Richards Barrentine Values and Ventures® Business Plan Competition at TCU.

“You’ve heard think outside the box. But what is the box?,” Stamp asked. “The box is your perception of reality. You take the box with you all the time. In the box you learn to make sense of things.” For a new idea, he said, you have to provide a way to attach meaning to it, to make it desirable and feasible to others.  

Stamp has led seven successful entrepreneurial start-ups and served as a chief trained brain and vice president of technology for Eureka! Ranch, a leading product and service creativity think-tank. His Eureka! Ranch team was awarded the George Land World-Class Innovator Award from the Innovation Network and Fast Company magazine. 

The Jane and Pat Bolin Innovation Forum brings transformational thought leaders to TCU to share their innovative insights. Free to the public, the forum takes place each spring in conjunction with the Richards Barrentine Values and Ventures® Business Plan Competition.