MS SCM class

Delivering Cutting-Edge Supply Chain Skills: TCU Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

The hallmark of the MS SCM program is the breadth and depth of the Neeley School supply chain management department, to give students a forum to access some of the top minds in the field.  

February 25,  2015

By Elaine Cole

“We take a hard look at the industries that are thriving in the DFW area to determine if there is a need among professionals in those industries for an advanced degree, and then make sure we have the expertise among our graduate faculty and their extensive professional networks to deliver cutting-edge, in-depth knowledge for that field,” Bill Cron, senior associate dean for graduate programs, said.

More than 50 percent of the MS SCM program is devoted to specialized supply chain management courses. Supply chain management professors Morgan Swink and Jeff Stratman developed the courses to deliver in-depth knowledge of leading-edge models and tools for supply chain professionals.

“Supply chain management is an exciting field that changes rapidly according to the innovations, information and technologies that drive business forward, so we continually update the curriculum to reflect the most cutting-edge practices in the field,” Swink said.

The expertise, research and reputations of Neeley School supply chain management faculty members are enhanced by their network of veteran professionals who infuse the curriculum with real business problems and solutions.

“There are lots of different areas of supply chain. I wanted to feel like I was well-rounded and could work in any of those,” Beth Wangerin, regulatory compliance operations, supply chain management at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, said. “So when they came to talk about the different aspects of the program, the faculty and the experience that they had, I knew that this was a program that would allow me to learn a lot, network, and go back and be a value-add to Lockheed Martin.”

One unique aspect of the MS in Supply Chain Management program is the integrative field project, which teams each graduate student with a faculty member to participate in vital research that immediately impacts the student’s company. Each student identifies a field study opportunity, defines the scope of the project, executes the project, and then reports on solutions and lessons learned. 

The program also provides the global perspective that is vital for supply chain management. In January, MS SCM students traveled to in Hong Kong, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to see the opportunities and challenges of sourcing from suppliers and delivering to customers in Asia. They learned about the resources, supply-base capabilities and current trading environments of the three countries, as they explored transportation infrastructure issues, legal restrictions, requirements for doing business, and unique environmental and societal opportunities.

Since the students are all working professionals, respecting their career workload is important. The 30-credit-hour program can be completed in 16 to 20 months to allow maximum flexibility for students’ schedules. All classes take place in the evening.

Applications are currently being accepted for the next class, beginning summer 2015. For information, visit