Irvine Paul story

Dr. Paul Irvine Gives High-Rolling Investor Advice in U.S. News & World Report

Big returns are never a sure thing, but Irvine tells U.S. News that high rollers looking for potentially lucrative gains should look to gold, silver and platinum. 

January 29,  2015

By Elaine Cole

In a U.S. News & World Report article, “10 Investment for High Rollers,” writer Lou Carlozo turned to TCU Finance Professor Paul Irvine for tips on getting those big returns. Irvine is the Kleinheinz Foundation Chair in International Finance and Investments at the Neeley School of Business.

Irvine says that gold, silver and platinum are a good bet, and precious metals are already conducting a stealth rally in 2015.

“As ‘permabear’ [and Swiss fund investor] Marc Faber puts it, he’d like to short central banks in 2015 but can’t do that directly. The best way to short central banks is to own gold, silver or platinum. You should already be positioned,” Irvine says in the article.

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