Supply chain win

TCU MBAs Win 2nd Place in International Graduate Logistics Case Competition

The TCU MBA team of Matt Brown, Nathan Laughlin, David Kole, Tendai Matambanadzo, Justin Burns and Heather Jones had 24 hours to develop a winning solution to a supply chain management case.  

March 17,  2015

By Elaine Cole

As if the first year of a full-time MBA program isn’t hard enough, six TCU MBA students added to their workload by competing in the International Graduate Logistics Case Competition hosted by the Supply Chain Management Research Center at the Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas.

The invitation-only event pits graduate students from top universities studying logistics and supply chain management in a fast-paced contest. Teams compete for prestige, cash prizes and opportunities to network with fellow students and industry professionals.

This year’s case competition focused on the product pack size most effective for sales, marketing and production. The teams had 24 hours to prepare their solution then present their recommendations to a group of executives at Sam’s Club corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas

The TCU MBA team won their bracket to advance to the final round to win second place and $2,000. Darmstadt University of Technology (Germany) took first place, and Rutgers University (New Jersey) took third.

“There were many top MBA programs represented at this event, which makes our students’ performance all the more impressive,” Travis Tokar, assistant professor of supply chain management, said. “The feedback I received from the judges and other faculty concerning TCU’s presentation was entirely positive.”  

Tokar added that he was extremely proud of the TCU students and their accomplishment.

“They gave up a lot of their time to participate, on top of managing their course projects and final exams before traveling to the competition,” Tokar said. “I am impressed with their stellar performance and how well they represented TCU.”