Hooding 2017

Congratulations 2017 TCU Neeley Graduate Students

The 2017 TCU MBA, MAc and MS SCM graduates beamed with pride and accomplishment as they received their masters’ degree regalia in front of cheering families and friends.

May 15,  2017

By Elaine Cole

After countless hours studying, writing, planning and presenting – many while also holding down full-time jobs – the 2017 class of business graduate students received their hoods at special ceremony prior to commencement, hosted by the TCU Neeley School of Business.

The TCU Neeley hooding ceremony provides a special setting to applaud graduates with Master of Business Administration, Master of Accounting and Master of Science in Supply Chain Management degrees. The hood, which symbolizes a heavy burden, identifies the level of the degree, the field of learning and the institution that awards it. The hoods were bestowed upon each student by Dean Erekson and the director of each program.

Congratulations to the Class of 2017 TCU Neeley graduate students.

Full-Time MBA

Cariel N. Apodaca**

Daniel J. Kamin

James H. Prioleau

B. Stephen Arbuckle

Steven B. Kirk

Roberto Prudencio

Sheila L. Baber

Andrew D. Knust

Lauren Roach*

Shane M. Beckley

Nick A. Kosicki

Casey J. Schuler

Peter H. Blair

Louis Lew

Vivek Soni

Christopher A. Cannon

Taylor M. Mackay

Jose Lorenzo Soto Saco

Eric A. Coulter

Michael G. McCarter

Helen M. Tannehill

Matthew L. Cunningham

Jake Melton

Van Hong Thi Thieu

Michael S. Ferney**

Christopher J. Metz

David Kyle Tilley

Chelsea E. Franklin

Colt D. Miranda

Sean A. Tyson

Silvana M. Gonzalez**

Hung Nguyen

Helga N. Valentine

Daniela C. Gordillo

Matthew S. Nunley

Dante R. Valenzuela

Trang Thu Hoang

Aditya A. Padman

Brett W. Williams

Mitchell J. Howe

Sukrit Pal

Wenhui  Xu


Jeffrey R. Parrish

Sid Zhang


Professional MBA

Hunter B. Baird

Roy J. Feliciano

Jeremy A. Martin

Merlinda A. Barrington

Sean A. Foley

Ryan M. McColl

David P. Bauman

Collin M. Geninatti*

Bryan E. Motley

Daniel C. Brown

Wardah Iqbal

Paul M. Pieniadz

Christopher M. Carr

Adnan D. Khankarli

Brent G. Reeder

Mark J. Duvall

Hannah R. Lewis

Alexander P. Rivchun

Christopher J. Fanchi

Carson S. Linstead**

Andrew C. Ward


Executive MBA

Michael A. Amador

Brian C. Krafft

Jessica P. Quigley

Aaron C. Collins**

Cami Large

Craig N. Rasmussen

Jennifer M. Deerman

Keith A. Marshall

Peter C. Sikes

Justin S. Deerman

Jason McCall*

Benjamin O. Simpson

Justin A. Faust

Keisha M. Mims-Gerald

Christine M. Smith

Felipe A. Gutierrez

Jesus D. Miranda

Donald B. St. Ama

Bryson D. Hammond

Deborah G. Morris -Harris

Robert K. Thompson

George Havrilla

Nathaniel R. Nebbia

Donna G. Turner

Elizabeth A. Hill

Nur Nicholson

Clifford D. Wohleb Jr.

Corbin Q. Hunt**

Ashley E. Paz



Energy MBA

Christopher S. Gladden

Jason T. Khoury

Chad A. Rowan

Joshua W. Graham

Ashley N. O'Connor

Samuel P. Wootan*


Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

Mikhail J. Jackson



Master of Accounting

Travis Anderson**

Alexandra Elliott

Michael Nakhleh**

Michael Apker

Kevin Erickson

Brett Nicholson

Abigail Askins

Samantha Filips**

Grey Notermann

Jack  Bloomfield

James Graass

Cameron O'Reilly

Brent Bolton

Sarah Hall

Sarah Pate

Katelyn Bowman

Connor Hammond**

Noah Peppler

Katie Brisbin

Victor Harter

Christopher Pleshek

Brooke Busskohl

Laura Beth Harville

Francesca Roberts*

Celeste Campbell

Spencer Hosack

Emma Rusthoven

Mary Frances Cargile

Jett Jenkins

Victoria Saenz

Carson Castellano

Blaise Jurisich

Jordan Schon

Jared Cline**

Kristen Kenny

Alex Smith

Geoffrey Coates

Meredith Kirk

Michael Stephenson

Carolyn Conley

Kyle Kita

Taylor Storm

Bryan Cox

Ryan Knight

Shelby Thompson**

Marissa Davis

Brian Lawrie

Mason Tucker

Diana De La Concha

Erica Lewin

Nicole Tucker

Mia Dinh

Parker Mack

Jimmy Wallace

Amanda Dorsey

Collin Marshall

Travis Warman

Whitney Early

Lance Myska

Justin Weber


Mitch Wilson

*Top Neeley Scholar
** Neeley Scholars, leading academics in their class.