BBA Awards 2017

Neeley Students Honored for Outstanding Achievements

Congratulations to our exceptional undergraduate business students who were honored for superior academics and leadership accomplishments. 

May 17,  2017

By Elaine Cole

At the 36th annual Neeley Awards Banquet, O. Homer Erekson, the John V. Roach Dean of the Neeley School of Business, welcomed the crowd. Students Madelyn Carter provided the invocation and Mathew DeBilio presented the reflections. Awards were handed out to the following students:


Meaghan Houston – Senior Scholar for academic excellence
Hayley Greenspan – Junior Accounting Award for academic excellence
Michael Nakhleh – Texas Society of CPAs Accounting Excellence Award for academic excellence and career prospects, Master of Accounting
Taylor Storm – Federation of Schools of Accountancy for academic excellence and high potential, Master of Accounting
Jared Cline, Samantha Filips, Michael Nakhleh and Francesca Roberts – Texas Society of CPAs Accounting Education Foundation Scholarships
Tu Vu – Henry Key Award for outstanding service 


Alex Sborov – Senior Scholar for academic excellence
Kelly McGovern – Finance High Achievement Award
Haley Nagel and Brooks Thomas – Lockheed Martin TCU FMA Award for scholarship and commitment
Mark Senter – Wall Street Journal Award for uncommon aptitude in investments
Jared Cline – Outstanding Educational Investment Fund Student
Jake Carty and Madison Stottle – Meredith Fraker Thompson Memorial Scholarship in Finance as juniors with excellent academics and internships
Jason Cline and Pierce Stonesifer – LKCM Center for Financial Studies Scholars as juniors with exemplary academics, community service and character
Ashley Hull – TCU Real State Club Award for scholarship, leadership and dedication
Matthew Dunn – Fort Worth Mortgage Bankers Association Nola Crow Memorial Scholarship for outstanding junior interested in real estate
Carson Deadman and Wesley Kinder – David B. Hendricks II Memorial Scholarship for outstanding finance with real estate majors 

Business Information Systems and Supply Chain Management

Colin McNearney – Senior Scholar for highest GPA
Smith Sheehy – Business Information Systems Professors’ Award for achievement and leadership
Eric Peeters – BIS Technology Award for outstanding knowledge of application tools and techniques
Benjamin Ommen – Supply and Value Chain Professors’ Award for achievement, leadership and involvement
Shelley Coles – Supply Chain Excellence in Academic Scholarship
Samuel Baxter—Center for Supply Chain Innovation Outstanding Student for leadership and professionalism
Natalie Mashni, Michelle Hernandez and Addie Bien – Fort Worth Institute for Supply Chain Management Scholarships
Niklas Ax, Chad Hummel, Benjamin Ommen, Anika Sutter and Han Tran – Supply and Value Chain Student Executive Program 

Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Duke Fredrickson – Senior Scholar for highest GPA
Christine Clutterbuck – Snell Leadership in Social Entrepreneurship Award for leadership and commitment to responsible citizenship
Sophia Karbowksi – Seth Hall Emerging Entrepreneur Award for being a successful student entrepreneur
Bryson Burtnett and Austin Patry – John Davis Entrepreneurial Vision Award for significant career promise
Blair Middlebrook – Entrepreneurial Leadership Award
Adam Beasley, Kate Benuska and Madelyn Carter – Entrepreneurial Excellence in Management Award for excellence in academics and leadership 


Olivia Ernst – Senior Scholar for highest GPA
Ashley Smith – Outstanding Marketing Student for high GPA and campus activity
Megan Neely – American Marketing Association Leadership Award, for high GPA and leadership
Lesly Capote – Advertising and Digital Marketing Award
Preston Yale – Sales Award for interest and experience in sales
Shelly Laroche – International Marketing Scholar for interest and experience in global marketing
Thomas Scoggin – DSS Research Marketing Research Award for excellence in advertising and digital marketing
Kristy Charron and Manny Giron – Earl Dyess Award for strong work ethic and character 

Special Recognition

Kelly McGovern – Delta Sigma Pi Key Award for senior with the highest GPA in the Neeley School of Business
Catie Cruikshank – Mosebrook/Pfizer Student Leader Award for school and community leadership
Kate Benuska (Management), Abby Deutz (Finance) and Blair Middlebrook (Management) – John V. Roach Honors College Outstanding Honors Research Awards
Hunter Pallasch, Jason Cline, Demi Fritz and Sam Witherspoon – First Place in the Grant Thornton Accounting Case Competition
William Pine – First Place in the TCU Elevator Pitch Competition
Christine Clutterbuck, Mathew Debilio and Kendall Records – First Place in the internal TCU Values and Ventures Competition 

Beta Gamma SigmaHonor Society

Abigail Askins Chelsea Franklin Zoe Klay
Tyler Askren Laura Frazier Shelly Laroche
Alexandra Bambei Megan Gallagher Taylor Mackay
Summer Bednarz Claire Gegenheimer Catherine McSweeny
Christine Bigham Rebecca Gonzalez Deborah Morris-Harris
James Bowers Brian Grady Matthew Nunley
James Brazeal Mackenzie Hall Sukrit Pal
Kaitlin Butcher Connor Hammond Jeffrey Parrish
Young Byun Trang Hoang Pierce Stonesifer
Mary Cargile Ashley Hull Timothy Swan
Shelley Coles Corbin Hunt Hunter Vaccaro
Aaron Collins Wesley Kinder Maria Viacava
Samantha Filips Meredith Kirk Samuel Wootan

Neeley Fellows 2017 Graduates 

Courtney Aldridge Emily Knuth
Adam Beasley Shelly Laroche
Kate Benuska Michael Marsh
Christina Bowman Jake Mayock
Jim Brazeal Anthony Micheli
Robbie Burns Blair Middlebrook
Madelyn Carter Conner Neal
Joe Coleman Kevin Page
Abby Deutz Alex Sborov
Rachel Fikse Mark Senter
Emily Gillespie Jordan Sheppard
Sophie Hoch Krista Spindler
Chad Hummel Hunter Vaccaro
Matthew Imaizumi Nick Warren
Ellen Keim Kyle Whelpley

BNSF Neeley Leadership Program 2017 Graduates

Sarah Amend Madison Morine
Annie Andonie Erin Mulkey
Sam Baxter Anna Pelch
Kamryn Conway Cleary Puchley
Bre Cooper Thomas Randall
Garland Davenport Andrew Reihl
Sarah Diver Taven Sparks
Zane Gardner Nick Spearman
Marilyn Loubier Anika Sutter
Sean Maloy Jack Thompson
Natalie Mashni Tiffany Tubb
Colin McNearney Connor Vaccaro
Faith McPherson Madison Van Buitenen
Zach Miller Sunny Vu

Business Clubs and Organizations Presidents (through Fall 2016)

Megan Neely, American Marketing Association
Marilyn Loubier, BNSF Neeley Leadership Program
Russ Russell, Entrepreneurship Club at TCU
Matt Rose, Delta Sigma Pi
Jake Howell, Financial Management Assoc.
Anthony Micheli, Neeley Fellows
Dylan Dotter, TCU Consulting Club
Cody Busa, TCU Real Estate Club
Sarah Setlak, Women’s Business Network 

View and download photos from the 2017 Neeley Awards Banquet here: