Supplly Chain ranking

TCU Neeley Ranks 18 in the World and First in Texas for Supply Chain

Supply chain is one of the most vital, innovative, fastest-growing fields in business, and TCU Neeley is among the best in the world at delivering supply chain talent.  

January 12,  2017

By Elaine Cole

When you want to know which school is doing the best job in your field, ask the experts.

SCM World, a cross-industry community of the world’s most influential supply chain practitioners, asked members that question for the Future of Supply Chain survey.

The experts said TCU Neeley is the best school in Texas and 18th in the world at delivering high-caliber supply chain talent.

The TCU Neeley School of Business offers four supply chain degrees: an undergraduate major and three graduate degrees – Master of Science, MBA concentration and MBA specialization.

The key takeaway from the survey, according to SCM World’s Kevin O’Mara, is that university-level supply chain education is inextricably linked to work in the real world of business.

Top Supply Chain Universities

  1. Michigan State University
  2. Western Michigan University
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  4. Penn State University
  5. Arizona State University
  6. Western Washington University
  7. University of Tennessee
  8. University of Michigan
  9. Georgia Institute of Technology
  10. University of Wisconsin – Madison
  11. Cranfield School of Management (England)
  12. Harvard Business School
  13. Vlerick Business School (Belgium)
  14. Rutgers Business School
  15. Marquette University
  16. INSEAD (France)
  17. Zaragoza Logistics Center (Spain)
  18. Texas Christian University
  19. Texas A&M University
  20. Stanford University
  21. Copenhagen Business School (Denmark)
  22. The Ohio State University
  23. Purdue University
  24. Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands)
  25. North Carolina State University

Source: SCM World Future of Supply Chain survey 2016               

For more information on supply chain at TCU Neeley, visit the Center's Academics page