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Sales and Customer Insights Center

Connecting students and businesses for real-world successes. We help students gain unique hands-on, real-world experience. We help businesses tap top talent and gain insight about their sales force and customers to improve market performance.

Students develop and practice sales skills for lucrative, rewarding careers.

Sales class3

A formal sales education can provide you with the knowledge and skills needed for professional success.

  • Most sales programs report job placement over 95% *
  • Starting salaries average more than $60,000/year. *
  • TCU Neeley job placements include Facebook, IBM, HP and Paycom.
  • All majors and careers welcome. Everyone benefits from certified sales experience.
  • Earn a Certificate in Consultative Sales, available to all undergraduate TCU Neeley business majors.

*Source: Sales Education Foundation

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Businesses improve recruiting ROI and tap into the latest sales research.

Sales class1
  • Connect with top talent, reduce recruiting costs and increase retention.
  • Actively participate in the classroom and contribute directly to the curriculum.
  • Solve your business problems with customized research solutions.
  • Tap into our research covering sales techniques and salesforce management, customer insights and CRM, lifetime value, targeting and retention.

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Certificate in Consultative Sales for Undergraduates


Companies across a variety of fields are looking for students with a strong understanding of the fundamentals of selling as well as experiential sales experience.

  • Add to ANY TCU Neeley business major
  • 9 semester hours plus the marketing core class required of all business majors
  • Consultative Selling: Learn complex selling situations to help understand a customer's needs and provide the best solutions
  • Experiential Learning: Focus on role-playing and other activities, including shadowing salespeople in the field
  • Professional Insight: Business professionals provide real-world context and advice on careers in selling.

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