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Boone Audra sq

Shield Competitive Information or Share it with Potential Investors? What’s a New Firm to Do?

The initial public offering (IPO) has a big impact on a company’s growth. Audra Boone, the C.R. Williams Professor in Financial Services, researched how withholding competitively sensitive information at the IPO can benefit companies in the long run.

May 07,  2018
Harris Brad sq

There is no “I” in Teams, Right? Not Quite.

Dr. Brad Harris researched teamwork in the office, on the field, in the classroom and everywhere else in our lives, and discovered some surprising pitfalls to achieving collective success and individual well-being.

March 29,  2018
Roh and Krause

Getting a Little Respect: Supply Chain Officers are Powerful Players in Top Management

Joe Roh, associate professor of supply chain management, and Ryan Krause, associate professor of strategy, prove that giving supply chain officers a seat in the C-suite leads to superior results.

March 13,  2018
Hitt Michael sq

Power, Greed, Even Altruism Can Put CEOs and Companies at Risk

Whether greed or generosity, leaders’ extremes mean trouble ahead for their companies, according to research by Michael Hitt, Distinguished Research Fellow.

January 11,  2018
Wempe Plummer sq

Better Health Care? How the Affordable Care Act Affected Physician-Owned Hospitals

The ACA imposed restrictions on physician-owned hospitals to improve quality of care. Elizabeth Plummer, professor of accounting, and Bill Wempe, associate professor of accounting, researched those hospitals to see if the restrictions worked.

November 30,  2017
Sunder Sarang sq

Three Reasons Salespeople Leave, and How to Prevent It

Losing an up-and-coming salesperson? It might be due to their coworkers as much as their performance. Research by Sarang Sunder, assistant professor of marketing, shows how you can predict when and why salespeople quit.

July 26,  2017
Cron Bill sq

Maximizing Customer Value Goes Beyond Delivering a Great Product

In the competition for customers, companies pull ahead by attaining levels of customer satisfaction exceeding that of competitors, and that means having a strategically designed, trained and supported sales force.

June 27,  2017
Clor Proell Shana sq

How Do Financial Professionals Evaluate Hybrid Financial Instruments?

Experienced finance professionals, tasked with making credit-related judgments, vary significantly in deciding which features of hybrid securities are important in determining debt versus equity.

March 15,  2017
Krause Bruton sq

Do Customers Prefer a Powerful CEO?

In some countries, customers view CEO power as a positive rather than a negative, according to research by Management Professors Ryan Krause and Garry Bruton.

January 09,  2017
INSC research sq

Why Aren’t More Companies Capitalizing on Big Data?

Big data can transform the way supply chains work, yet most companies aren’t taking advantage of it. Professors Daniel Chen, David Preston and Morgan Swink researched companies to find out why.

October 25,  2016
Harris Brad sq

Casual First Questions in a Job Interview Are More Important than You Think

First impressions play an important role in the job interview, but what about those first questions? Dr. Brad Harris researched the impact those seemingly innocent questions have on the outcome.

October 04,  2016
Moncrief Bill sq

Eight Lessons Every Sales Manager Needs to be Successful with a Younger Sales Force

Marketing Professor Bill Moncrief researched how social media is impacting sales and marketing organizations, to help sales managers better understand and take advantage of the changing sales world.

September 07,  2016
Uhl Bein Mary sq

Changing the Way Leaders Think about Leadership

We’ve spent years teaching business leaders to master age-old concepts of efficiency and control. Dr. Mary Uhl-Bien’s research shows that last century’s models don’t work in today’s complex environments.

August 18,  2016
Thirumalai Sriram sq

Advanced IT for Electronic Medical Records Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

Government standards are too high and the risk of failure is too great if health care providers rush to provide electronic medical records and get it wrong, shows research by Sriram Thirumalai. 

June 06,  2016
Shipp Abbie sq

Synchrony Preference: Why Some People Go with the Flow, and Some Don’t

Some people work quickly. Some don’t. Some hate interruptions. Others welcome them. Management Professor Abbie Shipp has a way to measure your willingness to adapt your pace to your team.

February 03,  2016
Baker Julie sq

Mother-Daughter Shopping Leads to Bonding—and an Opportunity for Retailers

It’s a common sight in any retail store: mother and daughter arguing over clothing. Whether it’s about the price or the style, new research by Dr. Julie Baker says these arguments are an important part of mother-daughter bonding—and present a golden opportunity for retailers. 

June 19,  2015
Swink Morgan sq

Five Hurdles Companies Can Overcome to Optimize Big Data

Dr. Morgan Swink details how companies, especially business-to-consumer companies, can overcome barriers to capitalize on the potential of big data. 

September 26,  2014
Shana sq

Face or Footnote? Where Companies Put Estimates on Financial Statements Makes a Difference

Research by Shana Clor-Proell, Assistant Professor of Accounting, shows that public companies and private companies take different approaches.

July 08,  2014
Krause Ryan sq

When Do Shareholders Care About CEO Pay?

Research by Ryan Krause, assistant professor of strategy, says: Say-on-pay votes turn negative when the firm is performing poorly.

May 20,  2014