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NRA TCU Supply Chain Website
What is the NRA-TCU collaboration website all about?

Keeping It Fresh:

How to Improve Operational Effectiveness and Reduce Total Landed Costs in the Fresh Food Supply Chain.

Track and Trace Compliance in Food and Pharma

Bob Kennedy of Vice President at Business Development at DMLogic discusses Regulations for Track and Trace in Pharma and (soon to be) other industries.

Project Taste Test - Servin' Up Successful Careers

This video, in partnership with PepsiCo Foodservice, features three executives from Marriott International, Inc.

BlockChain Webinar

Texas Christian University (TCU) and Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) recently offered a webinar on BlockChain technology and its uses for international trade as well as for traceability.  BlockChain expert Enrico Camerinelli offers an explanation of this emerging technology.

Watch Cold Storage Automation in Action

Case Competition:

Get a brief overview of the TCU case competition sponsored by the NRA supply chain executive study group.

The Growing Trend of Vertical Farming
Take a look at how companies like Aerofarms are rethinking how vegetables are grown.

Genius of Things: Blockchain and Food Safety with IBM and Walmart

This presentation gives an overview of an IBM/Walmart collaboration aimed at implementing blockchain as a solution to drive traceability in food supply chains.

What is the SCM Executive Study Group?

The purpose of the NRA SCMESG is to effectively deliver benchmarks and best practices, develop insights to supply chain management issues, and build a community of supply chain managers.

NRA Restaurant Industry Update Oct 2016

The National Restaurant Association's Hudson Riehle provides an update on the latest Restaurant Performance Index and other economic indicators.

SUBWAY Story: Supply Chain, Farming & Logistics

The SUBWAY Story focuses on the challenges faced by SUBWAY to keep all of their sandwich shops stocked with the freshest ingredients. Learn about some of the troubles they hit and how they solved them as they grew.

Build Your Own Supply Chain? 

Check out this story of a Reno local restaurateur who decided to vertically integrate by constructing his own supply chain.